Monday, July 2, 2012


(This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is Summer Fun - I think pools and beaches qualify, right?)

That's really the only way to describe this past weekend.  July and August are my least favorite months because it is just too freaking hot and humid to enjoy anything outside.  This weekend started out July with a bang - temps in the upper 90's and a heat index of 118. Awesome.

On Saturday while J was off doing a 50 mile bike ride (and basically daring heat stroke to get him) I filled up the munchkin's pool in the yard so it could warm up a little while he was napping (the water is COLD when it comes out).  Of course by the time I went to put him in it the water was a little too warm (who wants bathtub-like water in 90+ degree heat?).  A little cool water coming out of the elephant got us to the right temperature, though:

After he finished doing a little work on the boat J decided to climb in to keep Andrew company.  I worried about him getting too much direct sun so I went and got an umbrella to hold up so he'd get some shade.

Gotta love a kiddie pool that's big enough for the parents to get in, too!

He had fun playing with daddy until he was hungry and then it was time for lunch.

Yesterday was another scorcher.  We decided to chance it and head out to the beach instead of getting in his hot tub out in the yard.  I was all set for a cranky munchkin with the heat and humidity, but he was surprisingly cooperative.

I blew up his buggy float and we headed to the tidal pool.  He sat in it for about 5 minutes:

Then he leaned forward and went face first into the water and it was all over:

Don't mind his kabuki dancer look - I didn't rub the sunscreen in very well.

We gave up on the buggy float, put a hat on him and let him sit in my lap in the water for a while.  He was still upset and not wanting to sit by himself, but after a little while he let me sit him in the sand and he splashed in the water for a while.

And ate a shell when I wasn't looking.  Oops.

Anyway, as far as stifling muggy weekends go it wasn't too bad. I just really hope that this heatwave breaks soon and we get a little relief. I'll even settle for some weather in the 80's.  It's sad that I'm rooting for a tropical storm to come through and maybe knock some of this humidity out.

Oh July - how I loathe thee...


  1. I love the pool Andrew plays in. Do you know where your daycare people got it from?

    1. I think they got it at Target. I found a similar one on their website with a giraffe. The brand is Banzai and here is a link to the one we have on Amazon:

  2. agreed! A tad too hot this weekend. I love his pool!

  3. Ugh. Heat wave. We basically huddled in the house all weekend long, except at our friend's OUTDOOR birthday party. Ugh.

    Try a swimways floatie they are a little priceier but Evie doesn't tip forward in it as much.

    I know how you feel about the storm. I'm rooting for sever weather too, as tornadoes are destructive yes, but usually cool things off!

  4. LOVE that kiddie pool!

    Poor Andrew looks just like Gabriel when he decides to be a big kid in the water. He'll lean forward until gravity does it's thing and then he gets so mad.

    I hope your husband was feeling ok after that monster bike ride and you all can stay cool. It is crazy hot outside!

  5. That elephant pool is awesome! Where did you get it?

    1. Our daycare providers gave it to him for his birthday, but I think they said they got it at Target.

    2. I was just going to ask that! It looks awesome! I'll have to look for it at Target next time I go.

  6. I love the before and after pics of him falling in the water! Does that make me sadistic? Sorry... it's just too adorable!

    1. Nope - I thought it was kind of funny too. :)