Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Picture Overload ~ Blue Ridge Parkway and The Biltmore

I'm going to break my huge photodump of vacation pictures up into two posts because there is a LOT.

Here are some pictures from our time in Asheville visiting the Biltmore and some stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

When we got to Asheville we checked into our hotel and then headed out to find Devil's Courthouse:

It was a little chilly and rainy when we left the car so the munchkin has on his awesome camo rain jacket

I didn't wear my walking boot for this hike - pretty sure my doctor would not be thrilled.

View from the top

Can't resist kissing this kid

This picture does no justice to how steep the walk was. At least 3/4 of it was paved. The last part was like walking through a dry creek bed. Perfect with my bum foot.

View from the bottom

That big rock behind us is what we were just on top of

A stop along the parkway

Looking Glass Rock

Andrew swimming in the whirlpool tub in our hotel room. I couldn't get the drainplug in the regular tub so we had to use this one.

Time for the Biltmore!

You aren't allowed to take pictures in the house, but I snuck one in the stone hallway in the basement

In the gardens

250 rooms in this place

A little photo-op in the garden

Andrew was less than impressed with the conservatory

And he was out by the end of the tour

A little stop along the parkway for some lunch and to stretch our legs

Hanging out on top of Mt Mitchell

Nice rat tail on the dude behind us. And no, Andrew is not wearing shoes - we're rednecky like that sometimes.

View from Mt Mitchell

I'll come back tomorrow with pictures from the rest of our trip.


  1. Great photos! I love Asheville and The Biltmore is gorgeous! Now I want to go! I haven't been since I was like 15!

  2. looks like fun!

  3. I am a sucker for camo, nice jacket!

  4. I so want to go to the Biltmore one day!! Looks awesome!