Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Since yesterday was Father's Day I figured I could share some pictures of Andrew with one of his favorite people in the entire world: his daddy:

The morning started out with me getting Andrew to carry his gift out to give to J.  They sat and read the card that he so nicely "signed":

And they looked at the gift that I helped him pick out.  Ok, the gift that I picked out and bought:

We got him one of those little HDMX bluetooth speakers because I know he had mentioned them in the past and I wasn't creative enough to do anything else.

After we made him some Reese's Puffs muffins (they kind of taste like brownie muffins) we went outside to play a little bit.  Andrew thought he'd help sweep the driveway:

J was spray painting the base for the umbrella stand for our table on the deck.  I'm pretty excited to have an umbrella out there again since the sun is starting to get brutal.  It was cracking me up because any time he walks away Andrew will go running after him yelling "Daddy!!" and he follows him around like a little shadow.  Watching him run never fails to make me smile.

A little later we decided to fill up his little baby pool so he could cool off.  I thought J would want to go to the beach for his day, but he said he had too much to do around the house so baby pool won out.

He splashed and played a bit while I watched him from a chair and tried to blow bubbles for him, but it turns out the bubbles I got for cheap at Wal-mart were cheap for a reason. They sucked.  Andrew seemed to like the pool well enough, but didn't start to really enjoy it until his daddy joined him for a dip.  J needed to cool off after doing some manual labor (Happy Father's Day - here's some yardwork!) so he hopped in to play:

They played with the hose, squirted each other, splashed around and had a great time until it was time to take Andrew in for some lunch.  I thought he'd take a nap after he ate, but he kept saying "I go to the pool!" so I put him in swim trunks again for round two.  I pretty much had to force him inside for a nap after an hour.  I figured he would sleep well since he should have been tired out from all the playing in the sun.  Unfortunately his molars had other plans.

We ended the evening with some stuffed squash and stuffed peppers for dinner (I love fresh produce from our garden!) and a bedtime when no one but daddy would do.  I was attempting to rock Andrew in the recliner in his room, but he refused to settle and just kept yelling "Daddy!" towards the door.  I guess he knew it was Father's Day and that he should be spending that time with his daddy.

I love watching my two guys together.  Pretty soon it'll be all three of my guys.  I'm a lucky girl  :)

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  1. So glad it was a wonderful father's day! Wow, that is crazy - THREE boys in the house soon! That's awesome though. And can I just tell you I'm just a touch jealous of Andrew calling out for his daddy. Bedtimes are still only about mommy. But I'll take it :-) I love the pictures of them in the pool!