Friday, June 28, 2013

What Is That? (and 31 Weeks)

Last night when I was giving Andrew his bath I happened to run my hand down his leg and he felt a little bumpy. I thought that was weird, but didn't see anything right away.  Once I was rinsing him off I saw something on his leg. At first I thought it was some suds left on him, but then I looked closer and saw that they were hives.  WTF?

I carried him to his room to dry him off and inspect him closer.  His little buns and thighs were covered in hives. There were also a few on his one arms and the bottom of his back.  Nothing on his belly or chest or upper back.  He didn't seem bothered by them and wasn't itching, but he did have a spot on his leg that looked like a bite, but that might possibly have something in it. He got upset when I was trying to look more closely at it.

I sent a text to my sister (the pediatrician) to see if it was ok to give him benedryl and to get some advice.  Of course we didn't have any children's benedryl so I had to run out to CVS to get some.  It took me forever to find it at the store since it's not with the other allergy stuff.  I picked some up along with some hydrocortisone cream in case he was itchy.  When I got home I went to inspect his legs and they were clear.

What in the world??

I swear he had just been covered in hives and now nothing was there.  I attempted to give him some benedryl to be on the safe side and he ended up gagging and puking it up. Awesome.

Before bed we did get a good look at the spot on his leg and got something to come out of it. I don't know if it was a splinter or what.  We got him down for bed and I was convinced that he would have us up multiple times overnight, but I was pleasantly surprised when he slept all night (hallelujah!) This morning he was in a great mood and showed no signs of anything being weird the night before.  He was perfectly content eating his yogurt and grapes while snuggling Mr. Duck:

Keeping my fingers crossed that it was nothing and that my little munchkin doesn't have any more weird reactions in the near future.  I'll still love him, though, bumpy or not  :)

And on to this week's check in:

How far along? 31w0d and baby is the size of a pineapple or small melon.   He should be about 16 inches and 3 lbs at this point.  His irises now react to light and all five of his senses are in working order.

Weight loss/gain:  29.5 lbs this morning.

Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity clothes. I've bought some more tall length shirts to get me through the next 7-9 weeks.  Old Navy was a bust last weekend (the $8 dresses weren't even worth that much in my opinion) so I'm just hoping to get through til the end of August with what I have.

Symptoms:  The constipation is letting up a little bit. I don't know if it's the tea, the high fiber cereal, or the ton of cherries that I've been eating, but it's been glorious.  Feeling more shortness of breath due to him squishing up under my ribs and just general uncomfortableness.

Sex (of baby):  It's a BOY!!!

Name: Haven't made any progress since he gave me his list.  I did start making one yesterday with options like Benjamin, Elliott, Garrett, Isaac and Jeremy, but it's hard.  I want something along the same style as Andrew - I feel like since Andrew is a traditional name we need something along those lines.  Naming people is hard.

Sleep: Sleep is still hit or miss.  Andrew has had an off week and it's not helping.  Getting my Tdap shot in my left arm (the side I like to sleep on) didn't help.

Best moment this week? Having my appt and getting to hear 2.0's heartbeat and being told that everything looks great.  Oh, and finding out my best friend is pregnant with baby #2 as well  :)

Movement: He's all over the place. Most of the movement is up kind of high. I figure that's his feet.

Food cravings:  Watermelon and cherries. Fruit is the best.

Belly button in or out?  Very far in - pretty sure it's staying that way for the duration.

What I miss?  Running. I haven't run in what feels like forever.

What I'm looking forward to?  A long weekend next weekend.  Yay 4th of July!

Milestones:  I don't know - being down to 63 days or less I guess.

What I'm nervous about:  The fact that we haven't done ANYTHING about getting ready for this kid.  Andrew is still in the crib, the clothes haven't been pulled out, nothing's been washed and I have to find the infant car seat.  I'm a little panicked.

And this week's pictures:

Just for fun, here is a comparison of 31 weeks pregnant with Andrew and 31 weeks with this one:

I feel so much bigger this time around, but I guess it's not really that much bigger.  Must be the heat making me feel huge.


  1. I used to be on the bump boards a while ago, my daughter was born in April 2011. I still periodically read blogs of some of the mamas. Hope that isn't creepy :). I just wanted to add that sometimes my daughter will break out in hives when she has a viral infection. Like when she has a bad ear infection or one time when she had pink eye, she got hives with it. Just another perspective to consider. -Megan

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to keep an extra close eye on him over the next couple days. It was just so weird how fast they showed up and then disappeared.

  2. Oh yeah I'm sure the heat is not helping with how you feel. I think you look just the same, no bigger at all! Just a cute pregnant mama! And glad the hives went away - how strange!

  3. Good luck on the naming, it is very hard to decide. I really love the name Rylan but will never use it since it is too close to Leland. Maybe you like it?

  4. Your bump looks similar to I think you just feel bigger:) I just started prepping for baby and it had me panicked until I did it. I am 34 weeks now and still haven't had my shower! So there are still lots of preparations to be had...and people are telling me they are convinced I won't make it 6 more weeks I look so big. I think they are wrong:) Naming is hard. I like Elliott and you have brought that one up a lot:) He won't be nameless!