Friday, December 13, 2013

And We're Rolling!

For weeks Elliot has been so close to rolling over.  He would get up on his side but couldn't figure out how to get the bottom arm out of the way to get all the way over. Instead he would just lay there all pissed off and eventually flop back onto his back.

Last night I laid him on the play mat in the living room while I went to make a grilled cheese for Andrew.  J came walking out of the back room and when he saw Elliot he asked if I had laid him on his tummy.  No, I hadn't. Dammit!  I missed him rolling!

I went out there and put him back on his back and waited.  In less than a minute he was at it again:

A little while later I sent a text to Andrea asking if he was rolling over at daycare because he'd done it a bunch of times tonight. If he was I thanked her for not telling me.  She replied that he had just started it today.

I haven't seen him roll from his belly to his back yet, though. I'm fairly certain Andrew rolled belly to back first, but I'll have to go back and look

Don't mind the crying, this was right before bedtime so he was getting mad. I just couldn't resist getting another video of his latest accomplishment.

I guess I can say goodbye to the days of being able to lay him on something and walk away. I don't need him taking a header off the dresser!

My little guy is growing so fast!

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