Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Sound That Is Music To My Ears

For weeks Elliot has been trying to laugh. He would react if you tickled him with this big goofy grin and a grunt. It was like he was trying to laugh, but he couldn't quite get the sound out how he wanted.

Not any more.

Last night as I was getting Andrew out of his seat after dinner I heard the sound that I have been waiting for.  J had Elliot on the changing pad and was blowing raspberries on his belly. All of a sudden he let out a little giggle.  I set Andrew down, grabbed my phone and ran in there to capture the moment:

I had to trim the video down a little bit because I accidentally caught a little weenis shot, but there are still 10 seconds of heart melting baby giggles. I had forgotten just how awesome that sound is to hear. I stood there with a big goofy grin on my face while I watched that scene play out. Andrew was sitting in the recliner giggling right along with his little brother and I was in heaven.

I need to go back and look to see if I wrote down when Andrew started laughing. For some reason I thought it was sooner than this, but I can't really remember. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter how long it took, it was worth the wait.  It is one of my favorite sounds in the world and it's not just baby giggles. I still get the same goofy grin on my face when Andrew melts into a puddle of laughter at the silliest things.  That sound will always be music to my ears.

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