Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting My Stitch Fix On

Since I've been feeling like I am in a bit of a style rut I decided to try to get some help.  I've had some friends who have tried a service called Stitch Fix so I decided to give it a whirl.  You sign up and pay a $20 styling fee (which goes towards your first purchase as long as you buy something) and then fill out your style profile.  Then either once a month or only when you request it they will send you a box with  five items picked out specifically for you.  Then all you have to do is wait for your first box to arrive.  I've been like a kid waiting for Santa Claus to come and was so excited to come home and see this:

I tore open the box to see what goodies they sent to me.  I pulled everything out and started trying it on. I have to say it is so nice to be able to try things on in the comfort of my own home instead of rushing through it in a store dressing room under horrible fluorescent lights with a fussy baby.

First up were the cropped sienna colored pants and a blue knit cardigan:

I love the cardigan - the color, the fit and the softness of the fabric. I think it's something I can wear with several different outfits.  The color of the pants are a little outside my comfort zone, but I like that it will make me branch out more.  They fit great and I like how they look.

Next up was this green top:

I think the picture says it all.  It is too loose and flowy and gives me absolutely no shape.  I said that I am a nursing mom so I assume this was picked out since it would be easy to pull up for feeding Elliot, but I hate the cut. This is going back.

Then there was this shirt:

It's not awful, but for the money it's not a keeper.  Again it's very loose and shapeless and I think it makes me look bigger than I am.  The big boobs make things with this cut hang like a tent on me and I just don't think it's flattering. It's going back.

Last up was this wrap dress:

I don't hate the pattern and I know the cut would make it easy to nurse in, but I just don't think it looks good on me. I think the large chest and wide hips are way too accentuated with this cut.  I would be uncomfortable wearing this and can't justify the expense. This is going back.

All in all my first fix wasn't a resounding success, but it wasn't a total failure, either.  I'm keeping two out of five items (if you keep all five you get a 25% discount off of everything) and sending the rest back with my feedback for the stylist.    My next fix is scheduled for July 3rd so we will see if my feedback helps me to get some more flattering items.  I know the idea of Stitch Fix is for them to pick out things that I might not pick out for myself and get me to branch out more, but if I think I look frumpy in them I'm still not going to wear them.

All in all I think it's a great service and a lot of fun.  It's like having your own personal shopper, and who doesn't love that?

If anyone out there wants to try it out for themselves and join the fun you can go here:
Shameless plug of my referral link ;)

I had a two month wait for my first fix due to the rising popularity of the service, but I think it was worth it.


  1. That cardigan is very nice. I like the wrap dress too!

    1. I didn't hate the wrap dress, but I wasn't really comfortable in it so I didn't see me wearing it very much. I couldn't justify the expense knowing that I wouldn't wear it much. It made me too self conscious.

  2. Love the pants and glad you're keeping them! They look great!

    1. Now I just need to figure out what to wear with them. I am such a fashion idiot.

  3. I got that cardigan too! I loved it until I lost it at the zoo one day. I'm hoping whoever found it is also loving it.

    I hope your next fix was better. My first was good, second was so-so, the third is growing on me.