Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is Andrew's first Easter. Not that he knows what is going on, but we got him some Easter goodies.  The bunny on the left is the one we bought for him. The one he's cuddling up to is the one my mom brought for him.

He doesn't hate the bunny - I just thought this picture was funny since it looks like he is telling me "Quit taking pictures and get me out of here!".  I love his facial expressions  :)

My mom came down yesterday to see Andrew. She said she wants to see him at least once a month - whether I go up there or she comes down here. She got here around noon and we watched the hockey game with my little sweet.

He was cheering for our team, but the Pens royally sucked and got the doors blown off (8-2). Hopefully they have a better showing for tomorrow's game.

J went to the wedding that we had been invited to before and made the appearance for both of us.  Since he was out my mom and I decided to take the little man out to dinner.  I had to put him in a new outfit:

It is hysterical when he has pants on since he doesn't have a waist and they go up to his armpits. He looks like a little old man. I could not stop laughing.

He did great at dinner and slept the entire time. It pays to fill him with milk before leaving the house.

We introduced the bottle for the first time last night, too. We got 4 oz in him before bed in the hopes that he would sleep a long time.  He slept for about 4 hours, but after that he was up every 2 hours.  Ugh.

Today he has been a total fuss butt.  It might have something to do with his actual butt which looks a little red and raw. We've been using the butt paste in the hopes that it will heal up soon.  He's been eating like there is no tomorrow and fussing like crazy.  Thankfully J got him settled down on his chest for a nap - which they are doing right now:

Hopefully this fussiness does not carry over into tonight because mommy is tired and I need some sleep. We'll be filling him with another 4 oz bottle before bed and seeing what that does.  Wish us luck!


  1. Love that picture wit his arm up, like he's saying "Goal!". He looks so much like your husband! Hope Andrew slept well and you for some sleep.

  2. He totally looks like my husband - he's his little mini me!

  3. You might try aquaphor for his raw butt :) We were using butt paste and it wasn't helping too much, but aquaphor cleared everything right up! He's adorable, by the way :)