Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy crap!

No, not in reference to Andrew's bowel movements (although those are quite frequent and impressive).  This is in reference to the bit of information that we found out the other day.

I've been trying to get in touch with the woman who is supposed to be watching Andrew once I go back to work. I hadn't talked to her since December (I'd been a little preoccupied). I sent her an email to announce his arrival and sent her a picture. I never heard anything back. I texted her and tried calling her, but I got a message that the number was out of service.  I even found her on facebook and sent her a message there.  No response.

I was pissed figuring that she was avoiding me and we were getting screwed over.  J was planning on going by her house to demand our deposit back if she wasn't going to watch our kid.

So Monday night we were outside talking with one of our neighbors and showing her the baby. She asked if I was going to be off for a while.  I said I'd be working from home for a little while once my maternity leave is up and that we had daycare lined up and it seems to have fallen through.  She asked who we were going to use and when I said 'Natalie' she said "Yeah, that's so sad;".  She noticed the confused look on our faces and dropped the bomb.  She freaking died!!! What the hell?!?

She was only 32 years old and there is specualtion that she either died from some intestinal issue she was having, or it was drugs.  WHAT???   We'd met with her and her husband, spent a couple hours talking to them, I went and met her when she had kids there, and they seemed like a nice Christian couple.  Apparently not.

I hate to say it, but this was sort of a blessing in disguise.  If it really was due to drugs then there is no way in hell I want that around my baby.

Now we are searching again. Luckily the neighbor that dropped the bomb knows everyone and she has some numbers of people to give to me. And she knows who to warn us about and who not to use.  I will definitely be asking her lots of questions.

Ugh - times like this I wish I could just be a stay at home mom and not have to deal with this...


  1. Oh, wow! How awful, but like you said, it's blessing in disguise. Hopefully, you'll find someone soon!