Monday, April 4, 2011

Lessons from my first week as a new mom

Here are a few things I learned in my first week taking care of little dude (that's what my dad calls him):
  • Footed pajamas on a newborn are an exercise in futility.  Trying to snap or zip his little kicking legs and feet in is next to impossible.  He'd  much rather keep them crunched up inside the body of any sleeper we put him in. Gowns have been a godsend.
  • Diaper changes are cause for an epic meltdown.  This kid does not like to be naked!  You would think we were torturing him when we take his diaper off. And it's like a switch - as soon as his little legs are covered back up he settles down immediately
  • You must aim the weenis down.  If not he will be peeing up the front of the diaper and all over whoever is lucky enough to be holding him at the time.  I got a nice warm, wet surprise during a feeding yesterday. Could not believe how much he peed at one time!
  • Being naked = a chance for a mess.  After his little sponge bath I had him wrapped in his towel to calm him down and warm him up.  I should've known that content look on his face meant something.  Yep - peed all over the towel.  Must keep a diaper on this kid!

    The look on his face right before he peed in the towel
  • Breastfeeding is a lesson in patience.  I know it is the very best thing for him and I am definitely not throwing in the towel, but man can it be frustrating.  Once he latches on and gets going he's great, but there can be 10-15 minutes of trying to get him to do that when I almost wish I could just give him a bottle.  Especially at 3:00 AM.
  • If someone offers you help - take it!  My mom was here the first couple days and told me to get her up if I needed help at night. I felt bad waking her, so I ended up being up most of the night with Andrew.  Now J's mom is here helping and offered to keep him during the night so I can sleep. I still get up every three hours to feed him, but at least I can get 3 or 4 two hour chunks of sleep in a row so I'm not a zombie.  I know when she leaves it'll be all me, but I'll take the help while it's here.
  • He doesn't know any better.  The first couple days I was terrified. And hormonal.  Multiple times I burst into tears - partially because I am so scared that I am going to do something wrong.  My mom said it best - "He won't remember any of this.  If you screw up, he won't know any better. As long as he is warm, dry, and full he will be happy."  So I might not do everything exactly right, but we'll learn together along the way.
  • So content after a feeding
  • The love for your baby is like nothing else in the world.  No matter if he's screaming at 2:00 AM, refusing to eat at 3:00 AM, or peeing on me at noon, my heart absolutely bursts with love every time I look at him.  I never knew I could love someone so fiercely and I'm actually tearing up typing this as I look across the room at him snoozing in his swing.  I don't know what I did to deserve him, but I will be thankful every single day that I have him.

I love this little person more than anything in the world!

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