Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This week with Andrew

This has been our first week on our own and I think we are adjusting just fine.  We've been blessed with a pretty easy going baby (knock on wood) and so far we are having a ball together.

Saturday night we did our first bath in the tub.  He wasn't exactly a fan. 

This was right after he peed all over the wall in the nursery when J was changing his diaper.  So far I've been lucky and he hasn't done that to me. I couldn't stop laughing when I walked in and saw it.  J wasn't as amused. Might be time to get a pee-pee tee-pee! After the bath he fell asleep on J's chest:

On Monday my oldest sister finally got to meet Andrew. She is a teacher and on spring break so she made a day trip down from Myrtle beach to see her nephew.  We hung out for 4 hours or so and she gave me all kinds of new mom advice (she's the mom to my two nieces - 1 and 3 years old).  After she left Andrew and I did some running around then we napped together.

Yesterday we got out and walked the bridge. It felt sooooo good to get out and get some exercise.  Pushing the stroller up the hill wasn't easy, but I figure it was a good workout. And he slept through the entire thing. 

Then we ran to BiLo and came home and hung out.

Today so far we are just hanging around the house, but I am trying to figure out if I can put him in the jogging stroller and take him for a walk.  He hung out with me as I got ready for the day:

At the moment he is just lounging on the couch next to me hiccuping. The sound of it cracks me up. Actually, almost everything about him cracks me up.  He is my funny little man and I love him so much.

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