Friday, April 1, 2011

It's crazy to think...

That a week ago he was still in my belly and I looked like this:

This was my last bump pic taken on 3/23 - 3 days before Andrew's unexpected arrival.

Now, 6 days after his arrival I look like this:

I weighed myself this morning and am already down to just 12 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Part of it might be due to being so tired that I forget to eat (which I know is not good - I need to eat healthy for him).  Part of it might be that my muscles are going away since I haven't worked out in a week.  Of course 7 1/2 lbs of the weight was him, plus the placenta, fluids, blood, and whatever else.  Just seems crazy that 20 lbs is gone after a week.

I will say that it IS nice to be fitting into normal clothes.  I will be packing up those maternity clothes in no time!

And - because he is so freaking cute - here are some more pictures of Andrew...

Laying on the quilt that my aunt Lynne made for him

Lounging after a feeding

Sleeping in daddy's lap. His fuzzy head cracks me up  :)

Andrew and daddy on the floor in the nursery

Hanging out with grandma.  My mom was here for 3 days to help out after we got home from the hospital. Even though initially I said I wanted it to be just me and J for a few days I am SO grateful that she was here!

I'll update tomorrow with the whole name drama saga.  I'm still pretty pissed about it so I don't want to think about it right now.


  1. You look great! I love the pictures of him, too cute!

  2. He is just so cute, congrats!!

  3. Fuzzy head! He's so cute! And you look great 6 days PP!!!!

  4. Wow! You look amazing!!! Definitely not like you just had a baby 6 days ago ;) I cannot wait to wear normal clothes again!

    And your little Andrew is seriously adorable! Glad everyone's enjoying him! Take Care

  5. look awesome! before and after! good for you...i am still trying to get it off but being patient as its only been 2.5 weeks