Friday, October 21, 2011

On the mend

Thank you, Tamiflu!

I got a prescription for it when I started getting sick.  There are some conflicting reports on whether it should be taken while breastfeeding, but after doing some research and talking to the pharmacist (who is a nursing mom of 5 month old twins who said if she had the flu she would take it) I decided to take it.  Now after two days of feeling like death I am starting to feel like myself again. No more feeling like I just got beaten with a baseball bat and my temperature is finally back down under 100.

I'm still tired and need to sit down a lot, but the lightheadedness is gone.  I'm drinking water like it's my job and eating more to try to get my supply back up.  At least my appetite is coming back.

And it's really bad timing, but we are headed to Charlotte this weekend to see J's parents and to go to the Panthers game on Sunday with a guy he used to work with.  So it won't be the restful weekend that I could use, but I can nap in the car on the drive up and at least there will be others to help take care of Andrew all weekend so I can relax some.

To close with some pictures, here is Andrew's pumpkin that Marc carved for him at daycare yesterday:

Andrew's peach face:

And his pear face. This kid just really isn't sure about fruit!


  1. So glad you're feeling better!!! And how adorable your little pumpkin got to "carve" a pumpkin at daycare :)

    have fun on your trip! We were actually going to drive down and go to that game - they're my little brother's favorite team and my good friend is married to greg olsen - but it was too much with my brother's leg.

    and the fruit faces are too funny! we start solids next week, finally!

  2. I'm happy you're feeling better. That is an insanely adorable pumpkin.

    Since we started fruit Elisabeth wants no part in veggies anymore. She use to gobble them all up. Now I need to get tricky and mix everything. blah.