Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday Party Planning

Yikes!  I can't believe it is that time already.  The thought that we need to plan the munchkin's first birthday party is scary. And exciting.  And just a little bit sad.  My little man is growing so fast.

Yesterday I ordered his birthday invites through Shutterfly.  Yeah, I am not crafty enough (nor do I have enough time) to do any fancy handmade invitations. Martha Stewart I am not.

We're planning on doing his party the Saturday after his birthday since his actual birthday is a Monday (damn leap year).  The reason for doing it that weekend instead of two days before his birthday is the Cooper River Bridge Run is the 31st.  I want to run it this year (I missed it last year for the first time in 6 years) and strollers are not allowed.  We figured since the in-laws will be in town for his party they can watch him that morning for 2 hours while J and I run.  Probably a little (or a lot) ambitious to plan a party for 1:00 that afternoon, but hopefully we're up for the challenge.

This isn't going to be a big fancy theme party with over the top decorations, amazing catered food, and hired entertainment.  We're planning on just doing a little cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill (please please please let it be nice weather!), some balloons for him to play with and a cake for him to destroy.

We still have to figure out just who we are inviting. I don't want this to be a big thing and don't feel the need to have 30 people at a 1 year old's birthday. I particularly hope that we don't have to invite J's crazy ass aunt and awful cousin.  This day is supposed to be all about Andrew and those two have a way of making everything about them (our wedding included).  Ugh - I guess we'll have to sit down and work out the guest list soon.

I'm debating if I should just buy a cake for him (less work) or if I should try to get my Martha on and make one of the awesome cakes that I found online:

What do you think?  Am I crazy for thinking I can make something cool like this without it ending up a complete mess?  J laughed at me when I showed him these.

I guess we'll just have to see how confident I'm feeling as the big day approaches.  At least I already have his birthday wardrobe picked out. I got him some 1st birthday shirts from Carter's (one for his actual birthday and one for the party).  Any excuse to buy him more clothes  :)

Aaaahhhhhh - I can't believe he's turning one soon!!!


  1. Personally? I'd take the photo of the cake you want and have someone else make it. No way, I'd attempt anything that crazy ahhaha.

  2. I might attempt the lego one, but that's about it. I vote for you getting someone else too.

  3. aww what a sweet little invite. I wouldn't attempt a cake. I'm debating attempting plain cupcakes but those probably won't happen...hell, I'm considering skipping the party all together. Not sure if that makes me a bad mom :)