Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Andrew's Mis-Matched Nursery

This is my first time linking up on Toddle Along Tuesday and this week's topic is nurseries.  It made me realize that I never really showed the finished nursery. I posted some pictures of the progress along the way, but never the full thing. So here we go:

This is the view into the room from the hallway. We used to have it flipped, with the crib on the left and the dresser and glider on the right. We switched it at Christmas so we could fit both bookshelves on the same wall with the crib.

The letters on the wall were centered over the dresser before and we haven't moved them yet to be centered over the crib.  We had to put the crib rail covers on since Andrew decided to use them as a teether a few months ago. Thankfully he only really damaged the side rail on the left.  We should probably remove the mobile from the crib since he can stand in there and grab it, but he likes to watch it and play with Snoopy so we haven't taken it out yet. The bookshelves had to be finished after he was born. I'd only gotten the actual shelves stained before he made his early arrival so I finished up the rest of them while J's mom was here helping with Andrew the first two weeks.

We need to switch the stuff on the shelves around and move the stuffed animals down where he can reach. Now that he's standing he likes to go over and pull stuff off the shelves, particularly the books. He'll pull the little bins out of the bottom to get to his toys, too.

Originally we had the glider in his room, but for Christmas J's parents got us this La-Z-Boy recliner and it is awesome.  It rocks and reclines so it is great for times when Andrew is particularly fussy and needs to be cuddled. We moved the glider to the guestroom instead. That dresser is from J's grandparents (so it's old) and we refinished it to match the bookshelves and crib.  We figured there was no point in getting a changing table that eventually would be useless so we have the changing pad on the dresser and later on we'll just remove that and he'll have the dresser.

The view from behind the recliner.

Those little cars up on the wall were in J's room when he was a kid.  They don't really match the Snoopy stuff, but since nothing really matches in the nursery I guess it doesn't matter, right?  Those little green boots under the drawers are Andrew's favorite thing to go over and pull out. For some reason he loves to play with those things.  They won't fit him for a while, but they were a hand me down from a friend and they are really cute. A lot of the little stuffed animals up in the shelves were also from when J was a kid. We should probably pull them down and put them in the bins in the bookshelves so Andrew can play with them.

Andrew's Snoopy bedding.  Yep, we have the bumpers in there.  I know a lot of people don't use them and they recommend against putting them in there, but we have them.  He didn't sleep in the crib until he was 3 months old and it took him a long time to start rolling around in there.  He also has a couple toys tossed in there so he has something to play with if he wakes up early.

So that's it. Nothing fancy and it doesn't really have a theme per se.  No murals on the walls that will have to be painted over and nothing that won't easily transition into a little boy's room.  I guess we could have done more, but he seems to like it so I guess it's not all bad.

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  1. I love snoopy! We have bumpers too -- Evie like's to sleep with her head pressed up against stuff (the top of her head) so it was either that or crib slats...

    1. I saw yours and was just going to comment. I'm glad we aren't the only ones. He likes to lay there and "talk" to the Snoopys on the bumpers and he will fall asleep with his arms hugging them.