Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter clothes - who needs them??

Certainly not us.

I know this morning up in Punxsutawney that little rodent came out and supposedly saw his shadow and let us know that there will be six more weeks of winter.  All I can say is - if this is what winter is like then I will certainly take six more weeks of it:

Sure, we've had some cold days and there have been a few instances where I have had to bundle the munchkin up, but for the most part we have had a pretty easy winter.  I guess that's one of the (many) perks to having relocated south.  I do hope that this mild winter is not a harbinger of a disgustingly hot, humid and oppressive summer like we had last year, though.

Thankfully I didn't go overboard with buying wintry clothes for Andrew.  He has some sweaters (mostly hand-me-downs with a few eBay scores) and a bunch of fuzzy pants, but I didn't bother with a coat or anything for him.  I am starting to stock up on some spring/summer clothes for him, though.  I already won one lot of clothes for him with 46 items (for $58 - and that includes shipping) and I have my eye on another 50 piece one.  They are all 12-18 month sizes and considering he is still fitting in the 9 month stuff pretty well I think those ones will be perfect for this summer.

It still makes me sad every time I have to pack up some of his clothes because they no longer fit, but getting him some new (used) equally adorable outfits takes a little bit of the sting out of it.  Now I just need to exercise some willpower and not bid on too many things. Something tells me J would not be happy if I spent our entire tax return on clothes for the munchkin   :)

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  1. I'm loving this winter, too. It's so nice to take Liam out for jogs after work without worrying about freezing his chubby little cheeks off.

    That's awesome you're getting a jump start on summer clothes - ebay is a great idea!