Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photoshoot at the Park

Obviously I love taking pictures of the munchkin.  This is evidenced by the thousands of pictures that are already on J's external hard drive (so grateful for the extra space!).

Anyway, this past Friday I had to take the day off because our daycare was closed for a vacation day (one of the (very few) drawbacks to a small in-home daycare).  So since the weather was nice - if a little windy - I decided it was the perfect day for a little photoshoot with my munchkin.

We took a little stroll over to Alhambra Hall where J and I got married almost 3 years ago. I set up a blanket and got to clicking:

There was a man throwing a ball and having his dogs chase it. Andrew was very interested.

This was mid shriek. He has figured out the shrill ear piercing sound and loves it.

Then we headed across the street to the playground (one of his favorite places) and he did some swinging before I plunked him down in the wood chips for a few more pictures:

He was a little upset to be taken out of his favorite swing

"Mmmmmm... wood."

I call this his grumpy old man face

He's such a great little model  :)


  1. I can't get over that cutie! His hair is beyond words, and loving the overalls. Nice job on the photos, mama.

    1. Aww - thanks! I have to confess that I love his hair and am going to be a little sad once it thickens up enough to lay down. Right now it's like duck fluff and is just the funniest thing. The overalls were one of my (many) eBay finds :)

  2. Haha I actually snorted in semi-contained laughter at my desk at the old man face. I LOVE these pictures. He is so freaking cute, I could look at posts like this every day :-)

    And while G doesn't have Andrew's level of hair going on, he has that soft, fluffy baby hair sticking out too and I LOVE it. I'm going to be so sad when it is normal, little-boy hair.

    Keep them coming! Love him!!

    1. Thanks mama! I also call the grumpy old man face his 'bitter beer face' (if you remember those old Keystone Light commercials). His facial expressions never fail to crack me up - I could take pictures of him all day.

  3. These pictures are fantastic! Seeing him always puts a smile on my face :-)

  4. He is super cute! I love his little duck hair! My little girl makes the same face when something "interesting" is going on!