Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday ~ What's In Your Bag?

Linking up again with Mama G over at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday.  This week's topic is 'What's in Your Diaper Bag?'

Now, normally I feel like I am just shoving stuff in there as we run out the door so on some outings there is probably (a lot!) more crap in there, but here are our basics:

1.  Our Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag.  I don't love it, but it serves it's purpose. I picked out a very neutral one so I wouldn't get any crap from J when he needs to carry it.

2.  A blanket. I pretty much always have one in there just in case.  Nothing fancy, just one of these Gerber thermal receiving blankets.

3.  Diapers.  I try to make sure there are at least 6 in there so I don't have to worry about running out. For longer outings I pack more.

4.  An extra outfit.  Of course there have been a few instances when we left the house and forgot extra clothes for him. And wouldn't you know it those were the times that he decided to either have a blowout or pee all over the place and needed the extra clothes.  So yeah, we were those trashy people pushing our kid around Wal-mart in nothing but a diaper. We're classy that way.

5.  A jacket.  Another just-in-case item.  Not always necessary, but I'd rather have it and not need it than let my munchkin get cold.

6.  Boogie Wipes.  Unfortunately the great grape scent does not make wiping his nose any easier. This kid hates to have his nose messed with.

7.  Wipes.  Perfect for cleaning his little bum and all the other messes he makes.

8.  Formula container.  This is another just-in-case item.  Previously I always had a bottle of breastmilk there for him (I was never comfortable nursing in public), but since that well has just about run dry I keep some emergency formula tucked away in case we need it.

9.  Ziploc bag o' snacks.  Crackers, cheerios, wagon wheels, goldfish or whatever else we had handy and will keep him satisfied so he isn't yelling.

10.  Changing pad.  We have this one from First Years and I love it.  I normally tuck two diapers into one of the compartments before we leave the house and we have some wipes in there as well. That way when I need to take him to the restroom to change him I just need to grab the little changing pad instead of dragging the whole diaper bag with me.

11.  Burp cloths.  Not as necessary as they were when he was a little tiny thing and spitting up all the time, but they still come in handy.

12.  Toys.  There is normally an assortment in there, but at the moment he has his NC State sock monkey, Sophie, a Chick-fil-a cow and some noisy toy with balls inside of it that my sister handed down.

A couple things missing from the picture are some pouches of fruits and veggies (he is loving those lately), a bib and my wallet and phone. If I'm taking the diaper bag I don't even bother taking a purse anymore.

So there you have it - our everyday essentials when it comes to going out with the munchkin.  So, what's in your bag?  Link up to Toddle Along Tuesday and share.


  1. You're is so much more organized. Wait till you see my post! It's a cluster F&%$

    1. Trust me - the stuff is normally just jammed in there and half the time I don't even know what I have with me! It doesn't get used daily because I don't have to take it to daycare or anything.

      And you are WAY more organized than me in every other facet of life :)

  2. I always have extra clothes in Evie's diaper bag and I don't bother with a purse anymore either. Sigh.

  3. I love all your stuff. How do you like that rain maker toy? I was thinking of getting one.

    1. He seems to like it, but he likes anything that makes a lot of noise :)

    2. Oh then my son will love it. Haha. He is pro at making noise and messes.

  4. #6 - LOVE boogie wipes! Since going to daycare she has had a runny nose (not so much now) and these are great!
    #8 - We have a formula container and it is so much easier for on the go feedings!

  5. Boogie wipes are the best! I had that in my diaper bag for awhile when my little one had a runny nose. :)

    I'm glad you could link up on today's Toddle Along Tuesday! :)

  6. I am fresh out of Boogie wipes. Adding it to my Target list:)