Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sometimes late is a good thing

The free bottle warmer that I scored from a friend

Among the majority of our friends J and I are kind of late to the game when it comes to this whole baby thing.  A lot of them have at least one kid with some having two or three.  Granted, I would have preferred to have gotten an earlier start, but it seems that being a bit of a slacker has it's benefits.  First off, I have lots of people to go to with questions and to compare things.  If you haven't already noticed, previously pregnant women love to share info. 

Secondly, there is the free loot.  This past Saturday I met up with my friend, Colleen, to hang out and grab lunch. They just moved into a new house and while going through stuff she put some baby stuff aside for me.  I scored a bottle warmer, a brand new wipes warmer (her daughter, Maddy, didn't fuss over cold wipes), and a fetal heart monitor. I was really hoping that I would be able to already hear baby's heartbeat with it, but the box says for use in the third trimester. Damn - I suck at being patient.  Plus she had a couple items of maternity clothes for me. Sweet - the less I have to buy the better!

That morning I also had an email from my oldest sister. She is mom to my two beautiful nieces and is definitely not planning on having any more kids.  She sent me the list of things that she has that I am welcome to if I want them, including:
  • swing (this was my shower gift to her for the first baby)
  • bouncer (good at about 4 months or when they can hold their head steady and want to stand)
  • snuggli and hip hammock carriers (good for hands free closeness)
  • boppy seat and tummy time mat (pink)
  • bottle warmer (already have one, but it can't hurt in case one breaks)
  • steam sterilizer
  • head support for carseat for newborns
  • Penguins onsies (great for the playoffs!)
I told her I'd take it all.  Obviously we will be getting our own big items (stroller, car seat, crib, etc), but I have no problem getting all these other little items secondhand.  It saves us money and it helps others clean out their houses. Win-win all around!

Now for this weeks check in:

How far along? 12w2d - baby is the size of a plum. Which reminds me, I really need to get to the grocery store to stock up on some more fruit.

Weight gain/loss: 3.7  lbs according to my scale this morning. My weight is really still fluctuating (must not have had as much salt yesterday). I'm happy I'm in the accepted range of weight gain for 1st tri.

Maternity Clothes: No - all clothes still fit just fine. I did buy some new bras, though.  And I scored some free maternity clothes from Colleen.

Symptoms: How I love thee, Miralax.  Cement bowel is under control.  I have very little in the way of symptoms at the moment - not that I'm complaining!

Gender: I am still leaning towards pink. J on the other hand seems to think we'll be team blue.  We'll see.

Sleep? Still sleeping great, but I can't stop yawning during the day. 

Best moment this week? Having the NT scan and getting to see baby for a good 30 mins up on the screen since s/he refused to cooperate so the tech could get the measurements. I could not stop staring the entire time.  It was also good that we finally got the measurements and everything looked good.  The other best part is how excited J is getting. I love catching him staring at the u/s pic on his iPhone - it makes me smile every time I see him looking at it and makes me love him that much more.

Movement: Well, we saw him/her move during the u/s, but I won't be able to feel it for a while still. I can't wait for that to start.

Food cravings/aversions: I've been craving sweets the past couple days. I still have never had an instance of I-want-this-and-I-need-it-now-or-I'll-die, though.  Still no aversions, but I haven't tried any smoothies lately, so I might still hate those.

Belly button in or out? In and feeling pretty normal.

What I miss? I still really miss the ability to crack a beer while watching my team play.  It was kind of nice this past Sunday, though. No one was drinking when we went out to watch the Steelers (me) and Cowboys (J) at Wild Wings, so I didn't feel left out.

What I am looking forward to? Starting to actually show and look/feel pregnant.  My symptoms have all but disappeared and that has me a little nervous.

Milestones: Having the NT scan, seeing and hearing baby's heartbeat (wonderful), and getting some great u/s pics and good news at least as far as the nasal bones go.

What I'm nervous about: The results of the bloodwork from the NT scan.  I know it's not a diagnosis and is really only a screening, but I really want to get good results. I'm also nervous that I am not feeling much right now and that makes me worry that something is going wrong.  I know I should be happy that I am having a relatively easy pregnancy thus far, but it's hard not to over analyze things.

Here's what things look like at 12 weeks.  Pretty much no change from my normal body:

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