Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"We thought maybe he couldn't have kids" (Telling his family)

Yep - that's the reaction we got from my MIL last night when we told them.  J had bought a collage frame and we put the u/s pic in the middle and gave it to them.  Don't get me wrong, she is excited, but I guess since he's 38 and never had a scare they thought maybe this day would never come.  She got a big smile on her face when she saw the picture, so I know she was hoping that this day would be coming soon.

My FIL is a man of even fewer words than my dad so he didn't have much to say. We did get a "Congratulations" out of him, though.  My BIL was happy to hear it and I think he is excited about being an uncle. I did ask him not to put anything on facebook about it since it is still somewhat hush-hush.  He has a bazillion "friends" on there and I really don't want the news getting out through him instead of us.  Here's hoping that he actually listened to me when I asked him that.

I scheduled the 1st tri combined screening (NT Scan) for next Thursday. I am really hoping that J will be able to make it. I wanted an appt late in the day, but all they had was 1:00.  I'll just take a late lunch and work the rest of the afternoon from home that day.  I am excited for the appt since we'll get to see the little lime again (I figured I wouldn't see him/her again til the big reveal at 20 weeks), but I am also nervous. I know the odds are that our baby is perfectly healthy and there is nothing to worry about.  But there is always that little doubt gnawing at the back of my mind - like this is too good to be true and something has to go wrong.  Or it could be that it's the fact that I'll be shelling out $475 for the test - stupid HDHP!  But, our baby and our peace of mind is worth it.  So now the countdown begins towards next Thursday. Luckily I should be pretty busy the rest of the week with work and the wedding that these days should fly by.

And for the record, my in-laws have been very nice about letting me work and not being all up in my business. So obviously I overreacted about how hard it would be to get through this week.  I'm still a little confused about what they do all day, but they are leaving me to my stuff so I can't complain.  And Princess is keeping her distance from me so far.  Lucky for me (and her).


  1. Oh my hahha. When we told SIL last night she said.. "was it planned?" i said. " uh yes." in my most meanest tone and my husband said " for like a year." god bless him! and she said " ooh i just thought you guys didn't want kids now. oh my god you are going to be pregnant at my wedding." and with that i was so glad there was a phone between us because i would have smacked her spoiled ass. i am almost guessing that she called MIL right away to bitch about me ruining her wedding.