Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think my days may be numbered (and 34 week check-in)

At least as far as doing workouts like this:

That was a 5 minute warmup walk, 40 minute run (4.35 miles), and a 5 minute cooldown walk.

I felt great when I finished and didn't have any issues while I was running.  Once I got home and then trying to sleep last night was a whole different story.  Even sitting here at my desk right now I feel like I have some below the belt bruising.  I assume it has to do with the extra blood flow.  Or maybe it's from his head banging against the inside of my cervix.  Whatever it is it made for a restless night of sleep and me walking around very gingerly to try to alleviate some of the discomfort.  Not fun.  On the bright side - I did run 44 miles in the month of February which was much more than I thought I'd be able to do. I had just set a goal to average a mile a day so I would've been satisfied with 28.  Something tells me that 31 for March will be a bit of a stretch, though.

Anyway - here is my weekly check-in:

How far along? 34w2d - he's ~17.75 inches and ~4.75 lbs according to the app on my iPhone. Or the size/heft of an average cantaloupe.  I'll get a better estimate in two days at my u/s.

Weight gain/loss: It's creeping up - +25 today. Sigh.

Maternity Clothes: Still 50/50.  Wearing a non-maternity shirt and non-maternity pants today.  These are pants that were pretty big on me before and now they fit just fine (except the butt is a little baggy still).

Symptoms:  Excruciating lady bits, inability to poo, nightly charlie horses, and some lower back pain. Fun stuff.

Labor Signs:  None yet (thank god!)

Gender:  It's a boy!!!

Sleep? My sleep has been crap lately.  Last night was particularly bad.  Keeping my fingers crossed that tonight is better.

Best moment this week? All the progress we made on the guest room. The sooner we get that painted the sooner we can get carpet in the nursery and the sooner I can get it ready for our little man.

Movement: All the time.  Lately I've noticed that the majority of it seems to be on the left side and I'm starting to wonder what position he's in.

Food cravings/aversions: Peanut butter M&M's.  I could kill J for buying the gigantic bag at Sam's Club this weekend. I have zero willpower to stay away from it.

Belly button in or out? My innie is still hanging on. I almost wonder if the gall bladder surgery scar right under it is helping it stay in.  Whatever it is - I'm glad it hasn't popped out.

Stretch marks?  Still haven't noticed any on my belly.  I continue my morning and night routine of massaging lotion into it. J cracks up when he walks in on me standing there rubbing my belly - he thinks it's cute  :)

What I miss? A good hard run with intervals.

What I am looking forward to? Maternity tour tomorrow night and then our growth u/s on Thursday afternoon. Can't wait to see him again!

Milestones: 40 days left!

What I'm nervous about: That we have less than 6 weeks, don't have the nursery even near done, haven't picked a name, and just feel unprepared in general. 

And this week's bump pic taken yesterday morning:

And just for the hell of it, a bare belly pic taken last night after the gym:

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  1. Lookin great! You put my pregnant runs to absolute shame! You go, girl! :)

    Those peanut butter m&ms are the devil - I finished a whole bowl at a friend's house over the weekend :(

    I'll be thinking about you on Thursday! Have fun seeing your little man!