Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And we have another tooth

Yesterday I noticed that Andrew was even more chewy than normal (which is saying something since he already chews on whatever he can get in his little mouth).  On the car ride home from daycare I could hear his gums squeaking on the rubber of the giraffe toy I had for him and then when he was in his high chair he was gnawing on the end of one of the straps.

I kept trying to get a look at his little gums, but he wasn't being the most cooperative little munchkin in the world.  He was biting down pretty hard on the spoon while eating, though, so I knew something was up.

Finally when he was in the tub and doing his nightly routine of babbling/squealing/laughing I got a look.  Yep, tooth #2 is on it's way.  Yay. This should make for even more fun while breastfeeding.

I know I'm supposed to end the nursing session when he bites me in order to teach him not to do it, but it doesn't seem to be catching on.  Any other BFing mommas out there have any advice?  I really don't want to quit breastfeeding, but sometimes it really really hurts.

You can just barely see the white spot that is the first tooth that came in - it's pretty far in.  The new tooth is the bottom one right next to it.


  1. How do you get a look in there long enough to verify a tooth? I have maybe a split second to peak in before I either get my finger chomped on or she gets distracted.

    No advice on the boob biting. I'm a tad fearful of that day myself. I still have a bald toothless baby.

  2. I can either wait until he is laughing hysterically and his mouth is wide open, or I shove my finger in there and feel around while trying to pry his mouth open for a look. He normally tries to push my finger out with his tongue, though, so it's normally not very successful.

  3. My 7-month-old has four teeth. Three on top and two on bottom - you'd think they'd come in even numbers, wouldn't you? I am no longer BFing, so I have no advice there, but...

    To Natalie - my doctor said they don't worry if babies don't have teeth up until 18 months. Still plenty of time for you!

  4. oh hun, no teeth here yet so I have no advice, just sympathy :( Liam used to BITE at the beginning. I thought it would never end, but he finally just grew out of it. Obviously he didn't have teeth then either, so it wasn't the same pain, but I'm sure Andrew will get the message soon. That face he's making is too cute!

  5. You know, I just checked back at this post and realized my math skills are lacking. My daughter has three teeth on top and one tooth on bottom, totally four. Sheesh.