Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not a broccoli fan

Ok, so I wanted to do the whole Baby Led Weaning thing, but the first couple times we tried real food he choked and threw up (not just a little spit up - but throwing up kind of a lot). So we've done the purees and he does great with them (except banana - he's really not a fan and I can't blame him since they are pretty nasty).

Anyway, I still give him chunks of stuff to try to see if he has figured out yet how to mash it up in his mouth and swallow it.  He does great with the puffs (when he manages to get them in his mouth) and he's mooshed up real banana and gnawed on some apple slices. 

Last night I wanted to try some broccoli with him since I've seen videos of other babies that love it.  Unfortunately he was not a fan. I think it has something to do with the smell.

"What are these little trees?"

Quickly deposits one off to the side

"Not sure that I like these."

"Maybe these are new toys to play with."

"Oooh - they  make a nice mess."

"All done - now can I have something that I like?"

"I guess this carrot will do."

Not that I'm giving up - we will definitely try broccoli again.  Of course the clean up was interesting. He was able to get those little sprouts all up his nose and in his ears. Excellent.


  1. Maybe try sweet potatoes? It is so fun watching them feed themselves.

  2. We had a very similar experience with broccoli recently. The dog ended up eating more of it then her.

  3. I have a sweet potato that I will be cooking for him this weekend. He LOVES the sweet potato puree, so I'm hoping the real thing will be a success. And yes, watching him try to feed himself is hilarious :)

    Natalie - glad to know we aren't the only ones not doing well with broccoli. At least he only chucked one of them over the side an onto the floor!

  4. hilarious!!! I'm still laughing at the little trees caption :)