Thursday, November 3, 2011

I need some rehab

No - Andrew's regressing sleep habits haven't driven me to hit the bottle or start popping pills (although a Tylenol PM might be in my near future). I'm talking about my wardrobe.  It is in desperate need of a little makeover.

As of now I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (thank you, flu), but I am not back in my pre-pregnancy shape.  Things have, shall we say, shifted. I definitely feel like my hips are a little wider and the boobs are just a mess at this point. 

I've been back in my pre-pregnancy clothes since just a few days after Andrew was born.  I have plenty of cute clothes that I love, but I don't get to wear them very much.  Since I am still breastfeeding I feel the need to always wear a shirt with easy access. Mostly v-neck shirts where I can just whip one out when he needs to eat.  I don't have any "nursing" tops per se.  No little flaps and special panels.  Just shirts with a low enough neckline that I can pull out a boob when necessary - although I have stretched the hell out of some of them.

For work I feel like I need to wear shirts with easy access since I am pumping twice a day. I've never liked button down shirts since they  need to be tucked in or look sloppy and I'm not a huge fan of tucked in shirts.  Also, I've always had a big chest - even before they were full of milk - so shirts like that are always either too tight on the chest or way too loose everywhere else.

Anyway, I feel like I am wearing the same things over and over again. I remember towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn't wait to be done so I could go back to having some variety in my wardrobe. Now here I am, 7 months later and I am still stuck in a rut as far as clothes.  Don't get me wrong, I want to breastfeed as long as I can (at least to a year), but it's taking a toll on my self esteem since I just don't feel cute any more.

Are there any other BFing mommas out there that can relate?  What do you normally wear? Did you go out and buy actual nursing tops, or are you making do with regular shirts like I have been?  I'd love to hear your feedback and maybe get some ideas (that won't break the bank!).


  1. I realized this about a month ago and I bought my daughter new clothes.

    It's hard with breastfeeding, because like you said you always need constant easy access to the ladies.

    I recently took an Old Navy ribbed tank top and cut boob holes in it. Stay with me here. Now I wear any kind of shirt and I just pull it up to feed the Pnut. The tank top stays underneath covering my mid-section and now new jiggly parts, but doesn't hinder the boob access because of the holes. The tank top alone is hilarious, but it worked a little. It's my DIY version of something I saw for sale somewhere.

  2. I have two nursing tanks that I generally switch back and forth between. Besides that I wear almost all of my old, normal clothes. As long as I can get it easily up or down I will wear it.
    There are only a few shirts I generally avoid because they fight tighter so they are not as easy to pull up.
    If anything I would say get a nursing tank, so you can wear any shirt and keep your belly covered.

  3. I do wear nursing tanks at home with either a v-neck shirt or a cardigan. I guess I could do the whole 'pull the shirt up' thing at work instead of out the top. I guess part of it is I want to stay as covered as possible at work since I already feel so awkward when I'm pumping.

  4. lol to natalie's peek a boob DIY shirt

    i do a lot of spaghetti string tanks under sweaters or shirts for work so I never have any postpartum flub hanging out when I'm pumping. I'm a lucky duck in that I can wear jeans to work, so I'm usually in a pair of skinny jeans (I feel bigger, I know I'm bigger, but my pre-preg jeans are loose. like I'm going out to buy a size 4 this weekend. I feel like I'm the world's biggest size 4) anyhow, with a long sweater and some flats, I feel a cute as pie. I just miss my sexy bras but refuse to drop serious cash on sexy nursing bras.

    Get yourself to a mall, mama, and feel cute!

  5. I usually wear a nursing tank or spaghetti string tank under a button up cardigan or v-neck sweater to work. I feel your pain though. My birthday was in June and my mom and I usually go shopping for my bday, and we're going this weekend finally because I refused to go and blow money on clothes until I could wear what I want.