Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Another Weekend With My Guys

Well, we didn't accomplish any of the baby related things that I hoped we might this past weekend.  Oh well, I still had a pretty good weekend with my two favorite guys.

Friday night Andrew entertained himself pushing his new wheelbarrow around the house:

J thinks that I get him too many toys, but the wheelbarrow is for him to play with in the back yard so it's not like it'll be sitting in our living room.

Saturday morning we hung out and played while we waited for J to get back from his bike ride (I hate that bike).  Once we were all ready we headed down to the aquarium to play with the fish.  This time Andrew was a little bit more attentive than he was the last time we went.  He didn't want to have anything to do with the snake that the guy was holding (and I can't blame him - I HATE snakes):

He was much more interested in the touch tank this time, though, and actually touched the starfish and the sea urchin:

And of course he had to climb on the whale tale (and anything else that he could possibly climb on):

I can't get over how old he looks sitting there.  Where did my baby go???

We didn't do the entire aquarium this time. Once Andrew started to appear to lose interest we left.  We have a year long membership so I don't feel the need to do every single thing every time that we go.  Next time we'll hit the things that we missed this time.

When we made it back outside we let him run around and watch the fountains and play in the water. He was soaked by the time we left:

While Andrew took a nap after lunch I ran to Old Navy in hopes that some of their dresses that were on sale for $8 would be wearable and get me through the next couple months.  They all sucked so instead I bought one dress that wasn't on sale and a bunch of tank tops. I laid down for an hour when I got home and then J and I finally washed my car.  The thing was filthy so I was happy to do it.  Honestly I mostly just sprayed it down since J didn't want me overdoing it climbing up and down the step ladder.  And I can't really squat down to do the wheels very well anyway.  Before we got done Andrew woke up from his nap so he came outside with us.  I love watching him follow J around, doing whatever he does. He's his daddy's little shadow:

Yesterday was a bit hot and steamy. We set Andrew's little pool up in the back yard and I sat in there playing with him while J trimmed up the palm trees in the back yard. I felt kind of bad that I was sitting there cooling off and playing with the munchkin while he was sweating his ass off, but when I offered to help he kept telling me not to worry about it. I guess I should be milking this pregnancy more, huh?  ;)

When he decided to take a break from cutting he climbed in to cool off.  They splashed around and enjoyed some icee pops as a way to cool down:

I actually bought a new bigger pool that I can comfortably get in with him, but since the little one was already blown up we used it. I'm determined to get the bigger one out for this coming weekend, though.

The rest of the day consisted of lunch time, lots of books, naptime and me canning more tomatoes (I'm going to shoot J if he plants this many tomato plants next year!).  All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Andrew had his grumpy moments (damn molars) but for the most part he was as awesome as ever and it made me sad to have to drop him off at daycare this morning.  I love awesome weekends with my favorite guys  :)


  1. I too ventured to Old Navy this weekend hoping to find some dresses, but no luck on my end either. =( I can't find any maternity dresses I like this time around anywhere. This is going to be a LONG summer.

    1. Yeah, the $8 dresses sucked and showed every single lump and bump. I did buy one dress that wasn't on sale that will work. I've mostly been able to make do with non-maternity dresses, but the boobs are becoming an issue!