Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elliot's New Tricks

For the past couple days Elliot has been getting so close to going from laying down to sitting. There have been multiple times where I've walked into the room to find him almost there.  He'd be propped up on one elbow while playing with a toy, grunting as he tried to push himself up, but not quite getting there.

Last night after his bath we were playing on the floor in his room.  He would scooch around the room lunging after toys.  Before too long he did this:

He was so proud of himself for sitting up. Every time I would say "Yay!" he would look at me with this giant grin on his face.  It was so cute and I couldn't stop smiling.

I looked back to see when Andrew did it for the first time and it was on J's birthday, nine days before he turned nine months.  So Elliot is slightly ahead on this one (I know, I know - stop comparing!).

He is getting SO close to actually crawling, but as of right now he is still army crawling:

He just started doing that last Friday and it's so funny to see him dragging himself around to get what he wants. I love watching him learn and grow and I have to say I am one proud mommy  :)

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