Monday, May 19, 2014

More Professional Pictures

Last weekend we went back to our photographer to get some more professional photos done during her Spring mini-sessions.  The last family ones we'd had done were back in November when Elliot was only three months old.  He wasn't overly cooperative and Andrew was still in the "I don't want to sit by him" phase.  I was optimistic that this time would go more smoothly and we would get some good ones of the boys.

Andrew sat right down on the little bench thing that she had set up and we got some great shots:

Then we set Elliot down to get some individual shots of him.  Unfortunately he was tired and ready for a nap so he wasn't too smiley:

After that we tore Andrew away from playing with Selena's cat to sit with Elliot so we could get some pics of the two of them. I was so happy that Andrew cooperated:

After that we headed outside to get some family pictures:

At the very end she got this shot when we were messing around tickling Elliot:

All in all I think it was a very successfully photoshoot and I love that we got some great family pics.  We'll go back in 3 months for Elliot's one year photos and hopefully he'll be a little more smiley for those ones. I just need to plan the timing of that one better so he's not ready for a nap.


  1. Ahhh!! How can he be approaching a YEAR already??!! ... Those pics are great. Love the expressions on Elliot's face, and Andrew just looks like such. a. big. boy. So sweet!