Monday, August 22, 2011

Great weekend with the munchkin (my water baby)

Another weekend come and gone. Sigh.  They just go too fast.

Friday we just had a relaxing night at home cooking out and having some family time.  Andrew hung out on the deck with J while he cooked:

(*disclaimer - Andrew is NEVER left on the table in his bumbo without one of us sitting right there with him)

I proceeded to stuff Andrew full of milk since he slept from 1:00 - 4:30 at daycare and didn't get his last bottle there. I was determined to fill him up so he'd sleep that night. I'm happy to say it worked.

Saturday my parents came down and hung out for a bit before we dropped them off downtown for their cruise. In the Caribbean. During hurricane season. Good plan.

Andrew was happy to hang out on his playmat and stare at himself.

That night we met some friends out for dinner and he was the life of the party:

Then I took him over to a friend's house to hang out for a little bit and so she could see the baby again (it had been a while). When we got home he was happy to splash in the tub for a while:

On Sunday we decided to hit the beach for a bit. We hadn't been out there since his three month birthday so we figured we were due.

He hung out in his nap nanny for a bit:

Did a little tummy time on his changing mat:

And then we took him into the ocean for the first time.  At first he seemed like he wasn't sure about it:

But then he started to enjoy it:

Looks like we're gonna have a little water baby on our hands :)


  1. ohhhh cutest little beach baby ever!
    and the bath pic with the tongue sticking out...i die. adorable!

  2. His new thing seems to be sticking his tongue out. He gives us this huge smile and sticks it out - I melt every time :)

  3. I love the pic with his tongue out! Super cute!