Friday, August 5, 2011

Some changes

As you can see I decided to revamp some of the stuff on my blog.  I decided the pinkish color was just way too girly looking for my little man.  Now it's a little more boyish for him  :)

Anyway - I am so glad that it's Friday and that we made it though the first week at daycare relatively unscathed.  Andrew has had some fussy days and they are discovering what I already knew - he is one gassy baby!

He is adjusting to being with other kids all day and is enjoying the entertainment.  We didn't have any sleep regression this week, which was one thing I was nervous about.  He is napping (some) at daycare and my hope is that soon he will be in a good routine that we can carry over into the weekend.  I'm starting to realize that J and I have pretty much sucked at getting him into a schedule and I really hope we can rectify that soon.

One thing I didn't like this week was the number of bug bites he has gotten.  I know he also got some when he was with us, but he got eaten up on Monday and Tuesday.  6 bites on his right foot alone.  Thankfully they don't seem to bother him, but they bother me.  I am in search of bug repellent that will be safe to use on him. From what I've read, DEET is ok on babies over 2 months, so we may be getting something with that.  Anyone out there have any suggestions???

And just because he's cute and I can't resist showing him off - here are some more pics of Andrew:

Concentrating soooo hard on his toys

Just being cute as ever  :)

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  1. How about Skin So Soft by Avon? They have a combo bug spray and sunscreen.