Thursday, August 11, 2011

He's growing like a weed!

Yesterday afternoon was Andrew's 4 month check (actually it was 4 months and 15 days to be exact).  I was looking forward to finding out just how much he's grown, but I was NOT looking forward to his shots.  I teared up at his 2 month visit because it upsets me to see him so distressed.

We got into the exam room and I stripped him down to his diaper. The nurse measured his length.  26.5 inches.  Holy crap!  He grew 4 inches in 2 months!  Then she measured his noggin and it was 16.75 inches.

We went out to the scale and I took off his (wet) diaper for the weigh in. Before I put him on there the nurse asked if I had a guess.  I was figuring around 16 pounds.  Nope - 15 pounds even.

She entered his numbers into his little book and when she handed it back to me I looked to see his percentiles.

Length (26.5") - 88th percentile
Weight (15 lbs 0 oz) - 39th percentile
Head (16.75") - 47th percentile

I was a little concerned since he dropped in the weight category from his 2 month visit (he was in the 42nd percentile then)

Patiently waiting to be examined

Dr. Graham came in and the first thing he said was "He looks perfect!".  I questioned his weight and if he was too skinny, but Dr. Graham handed me his printouts of everything on the growth charts and showed me where he is.  Right on schedule.

He examined him and commented on how impressed he was with Andrew's eye contact, curiosity, and general demeanor.  He said that we can start him on food and do two meals a day. I'm not certain if we're going the baby food route since I've been reading up on BLW, but we'll see.

I asked about the flatness of the back on Andrew's head, but Dr. Graham was not concerned. He said on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the worst) that his head would be a 0.5.  Yeah, it's a little flat right now, but it is nothing to worry about and will round back out once he's not laying on it so much.

After that he hightailed it out of there so the nurse could come in and do the not so pleasant part.

He took the oral vaccine much better this time (although he did spit out a little bit), and then it was time for the shots.  This nurse was much quicker than the one at the 2 month check and she had them done in no time.  Andrew's face did turn an impressive shade of red and he cried, but it wasn't the shrieking that he did the last time.  He calmed down as soon as I picked him up.  I nursed him a little and then we headed to Target where I got him a new toy for being such a fantastic patient. 

He was slightly cranky last night and a little more needy than usual, but he didn't run a fever and he slept like a log for 10 hours overnight.  I guess all that growing tires him out!

I can only imagine how big he'll be at his 6 month check...

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