Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The drama continues...

Said drama being the huge cluster%$#& after we decided to name our baby Andrew.

As I mentioned previously, J defriended my sister on facebook after her little soapbox speech on my page about how I should cherish the time that I got to spend in the waiting room of my ObGyn with  my 6 week old baby.  He did this because he didn't want to lash out and say something that would put him in poor standing with the rest of my family.  Needless to say, that added to the already palpable tension  :(

Fast forward to yesterday.  She announced that she accepted a job in Pittsburgh and will be moving back there - apparently in October.  She sent him a friend request with a note stating that my dad suggested she mend some fences and she would like to take him, me and the baby (yes, she said "the baby", not his name) out to dinner sometime soon.

My very first thought was "Yeah, MY DAD suggested she mend fences - she clearly is not doing this because she feels that she was in the wrong.".

I absolutely hate that our relationship is so screwed up right now, but I am NOT going to apologize for naming MY baby.  I love my sister - I really do, but there is a little part of me that may not be able to totally forgive her for taking what was the single most amazing thing to happen in my life and pissing all over it and making it about her.

I know I need to be the bigger person and meet her halfway. I honestly don't see her apologizing because I really think that she still thinks she is the wronged party in this whole thing.

The sad thing is, the news about her moving 600+ miles away to Pittsburgh didn't make me sad.  Had she been around these last almost 5 months and spending time with us and getting to know her nephew, I would be bummed that she is leaving.  But since she has opted to keep her distance and shown little interest in either of us, I find myself feeling a little relief.  At least now she will not be in town so there will be a legitimate reason for her to not be around.

It's just too bad that she hasn't been able to look past his name and spend time with this adorable little person:

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