Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Squeals and Oatmeal Bubbles

Yesterday I uploaded a few more videos to youtube so I could share them with my mom and mother-in-law.  I know J's mom misses him like crazy - especially after getting to spend so much time with him before he started daycare. And my parents haven't seen him since fourth of July weekend (although they will be down here tomorrow so I can drop them off for their cruise so they'll get to see the munchkin for a little bit).

Anyway, I figured I would share the adorableness of Andrew here, too.
This one is him last Friday after I picked him up from daycare. He was spending some happy time with J and kept letting out these squeals. We couldn't stop laughing and I had to get it on camera.

This one was last Saturday when I was attempting some oatmeal with him.  He was more interested in trying to blow bubbles with it than he was with eating it. I don't think I got much in him, but he had fun playing with it.  I think we're ditching the cereal idea and going to go with other stuff that actually tastes good.  In another month or so I'll start giving him stuff to gnaw on and gum, I was just trying to use up some of that cereal we bought. Oh well.

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