Monday, September 26, 2011

6 Months!

Ahhhhh!  This little munchkin is 6 months old today!  You are growing way to fast my little sweet!  Part of me can't believe it's been 6 months since he came into our life because it's gone so fast. The other part of me can't believe we've only had him for 6 months because I can barely remember what I did without him.  I love this little guy more and more every day.

Age: 6 months

Stats:  He has his 6 month appt at the pedi this afternoon at 3:00 so I will find out then. I'll come back and fill this in later.  I'm guessing he is at least 17 lbs now.
   * just got a call from the pedi and we have to reschedule for next week since Dr. Graham is out sick. I guess I won't find out how big my little munchkin is til then.

Size (diapers, clothes, etc.):  He's pushing the limits on the size 2 diapers and as soon as we run out of the ones we have I think we will move him officially into the 3's.  He's mostly in 6-9 month clothes. Some 6 month size outfits are getting snug but others are still roomy.  May be starting him in the 9 month sleep-n-plays soon because he is so long.

Sleeping: Last week was a little rough and he was getting up some at night, but this past weekend he was back to his wonderful 11 hours at night and I am beyond grateful.  I know we take it for granted that he sleeps so well at night so I think this past week made me realize how lucky we are.  He naps great at daycare and ok for us on the weekends.

Eating: Still EBF when I am home with him and bottles of pumped milk at daycare.  I take four 7 oz bags for him to daycare every day. Some days he goes through them all and some days he only eats three of them. It depends on how much he naps. I think he went through a bit of a growth spurt last week because he was eating a LOT.  He will also now eat an entire tub of baby food in the evening (2.5 oz).  He LOVES sweet potatoes and squash, sometimes he likes the green beans and sometimes he is indifferent. He's not too fond of the carrots and he doesn't like apples. I think maybe they are too sweet - the face he makes when he eats them is hilarious.  We tried giving him some chunks of banana this past week to see if he would  eat them, but he pretty much just smooshed them in his hand and dropped them.  We'll keep trying, though, and I bought an avocado to try next.

Not sure what to do with those bananas

This is his 'apple face'

Milestones:  We're working on sitting with him and he is getting close to being able to sit on his own.  He is ticklish now and I get big giggles out of him with some tickles.  He is rolling with purpose and rolls across the playmat or blanket in order to get to what he wants to play with (normally newspaper that he wants to crinkle!)

New adventures:  We didn't do anything overly exciting this month, but he did have his first time being babysat by someone other than my MIL (or daycare) when my friend, Karen, watched him last weekend so mommy could get a haircut.  Hmm - we need to start doing more exciting stuff!

Favorite toys and activities:  He loves the jumperoo at daycare.  Loves it!  We were at a friend's house yesterday and they have one - he was in it for 15 minutes and was just going to town jumping up and down. He loves to bounce.  He also loves to play with/watch the other kids at daycare.  He'll be sitting in the bumbo with the other kids and I've watched him staring at them in wonder while they play around them. It's very cute.  I think his favorite "toy" right now is his toes - he can't get enough of them!

He loves the jumperoo!

Funny happenings:  We went to dinner with some friends a few weeks ago and while we were there Andrew had a bit of a poo explosion.  So much that he got it all over the outfit he was wearing. When I took him to the restroom to change him I realized I had forgotten to put another outfit in his diaper bag.  So he spent the remainder of dinner and our trip to Wal-Mart afterward in just his diaper.  Oops!

What I'm looking forward to:  We are getting 6 month/family pictures taken this Saturday and I can't wait.  I'm also looking forward to taking him to a pumpkin patch and getting some cute pictures. I know he won't remember it, but it will be some great memories for us  :)


  1. what an angel baby - 11 hours at night!!! that is amazing. we need to somehow get our kids together so andrew can tell liam that nights are for sleeping :)

    he's so cute!! happy 6 months :)

  2. His apple face is priceless.

    Could you have your baby send my baby some positive baby vibes on sleep?