Thursday, December 15, 2011

Andrew and his friends

A few months back our daycare held a couple fundraisers to raise money to buy a 6 seater stroller (6 seats!). Well, they made all the money they needed and were able to order it. 

Yesterday they tried it out and took a little trip to Pitt Street to go to the park.  Andrea sent me a picture when they got under way.  How funny is this?

Later, after they got back, they were hanging out on the couch.  This picture cracks me up - they remind me of the Duggars  :)

L to R: Porter, Olivia, Laurie, Andrew, Gavin, and my munchkin

I love that Andrew is in such good hands during the day and that the other kids love him.  Every day when we leave if there are some of the kids still there they all yell "Bye baby Andrew!" (he's "baby Andrew" since there is also the other Andrew).

It makes my time away from my munchkin so much better knowing that he is being taken care of so well.  I'm so thankful for them every day.


  1. oh gosh, so adorable! that's awesome you found such great people to watch him!

  2. If you stay with these people I am sure Andrew will have a wonderful relationship with them. I had a home babysitter and I still keep in touch with her- she was wonderful!

  3. Sounds like a great day care! I didn't know they made a 6 passenger stroller! haha