Thursday, December 1, 2011

December already???


It's that time of year again already?

Not to come across like this guy or anything

but I'm really not ready/in the mood for December yet.

There's just too much going on.  Both of our company holiday parties are this Saturday (J's is a picnic at 4:00 and mine is a fancy schmancy shindig at 6:00 downtown - at least I can drink this year!).  Next Saturday is a friend's baby's 1st birthday party and another friend's 40th birthday party.  My niece's 2nd birthday is the 15th, J's 40th is the 17th (yes - he's old), and then the following weekend is Christmas.

It's not that I hate Christmas, it's that I hate Christmas shopping. I never know what to get anyone. If I paid better attention throughout the year to things that people mention that they wanted/would like then maybe I wouldn't hate it as much.  But going out and searching for something to get someone just because it's Christmas and I feel that I need to buy gifts is sucky and wasteful in my opinion. That's why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It only involves food, family, and football - no gifts required.

Oh, and the fact that J's birthday is 8 days before Christmas royally sucks.  Of course when I asked if he had any birthday/Christmas requests he said he's been looking at a new bike.  He has his eye on a tri bike because he wants to try doing triathalons.  Umm - you bought a $2500 bike less than a year ago.  Ride that one!  He said he is looking at one that is a hybrid so he could use it for triathalons and regular road cycling and then he would sell the one he currently has unless I want it.  When would I actually get to ride it?  It's not like we can leave the kid at home while we go cycling.  And I'm not too keen on wrapping myself in a spandex cycling outfit at the moment anyway.

So yeah - I'm in a cranky mood because this month if chock full of crap to do and that means there will be little down time to relax and enjoy the munchkin's first holiday.  On the bright side, he lets me dress him up in cute outfits like this:

So I guess it's not all bad...


  1. first of all - cutest santa baby ever

    second - i'm a total grinch bitch too right now. I can't get holly or jolly, and like ya'll, we have a crap ton going on right now which doesn't help.

    I'm sure we'll get it together soon. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

  2. How could you not be in the Christmas spirit with such an adorable santa!