Friday, December 16, 2011


As I mentioned previously, my pump crapped out last week.  Last Tuesday to be exact.  Ameda had wonderful customer service, though, and had me a new one (free of charge) by Friday.

Well, I felt like that one didn't work very well, so I called customer service again this Monday.  Again, they got a new one out to me and it arrived yesterday.  I ripped open the box and got that puppy out for a test run last night.

It sucks.  Or actually it doesn't - and that is the problem.  I thought maybe that first one they sent me just didn't have good suction. It appears that they have had some sort of redesign and that it how they all work now.  My old one had some stellar suction and I was very happy with it (most of the time).

Now I am disappointed. I'm not getting nearly the output I did with my old model.  My crappy (and LOUD) Evenflo SimplyGo single pump is getting me more than the new Ameda Purely Yours Ultra.

Not good.

I still think Ameda had wonderful customer service - I just don't think their product is as kick ass as it was.  Bummer.

On a happier note - it's Friday and I get to spend the next two days with this little guy:

He's pretty excited about it, too  :)


  1. That SUCKS about your pump, but it's good to know. Either my supply is getting worse and worse or I, too, will be in the market for a new pump soon. Blahhh!