Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time To Get Serious

About getting back in shape that is.

Andrew will be a year old in 25 days (Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!) so there is no longer the 'I just had a baby' excuse.  I mean, he's almost a toddler.

On that note, I have been inspired by the lovely mama foosa over at growing a foosa.  She is training for a half marathon and attempting to rein in her sugar habit.  I haven't signed up for another half marathon (yet), but I do have a 10K this month and also need to get a handle on my eating habits. It's not that I just have a sweet tooth - I have a salty one and savory one, too.  I just like food - and it has been way too easy to make excuses for indulging due to the need for extra calories for breastfeeding.  Since that journey will be coming to an end (or at least scaling back) in a month, I really need to get a handle on things.

So I decided to take an idea from her blog and put my body out there along with my running goals.  My goal for this year is to average 50 miles/month (at the very least), which is actually what I did in 2010.  That year I was very proud to hit my goal especially considering for the last 5 months I was carrying my little munchkin along for the ride in my belly.  I figure if I could do it pregnant then there is absolutely no excuse to not be able to do it this year, too.

I already fell behind in January and only ran 30.7 miles.  I made up a little bit of the deficit in February with 62.7 miles.  My goal is to get more outside runs in which will be a little easier once daylight savings kicks in and we get a little more daylight and the weather is warm.  If I was able to make it to the gym a consistent 4-5 days a week like I was able to pre-munchkin I would be golden, but it hasn't been happening.  So part of my new goal it to make sure I make it to the gym at least 3 days a week plus get some workouts in on the weekend.  I have my new shoes all ready to go and I'm feeling better about myself after getting in the mileage I did in February.

My running log on

Anyway, without further ado here is my body picture for the end of February:

(forgive the look on my face and messy hair - this was a work from home day so I didn't get myself prettied up)

My problem areas are my belly pooch and my thighs.  I think the extra weight is sitting around squarely in my legs.  On the plus side, at least this summer my boobs should actually fit in my bathing suit tops.  Last year they were so full of milk that I was busting out of everything - especially after being at the beach for a few hours. I'm looking forward to fitting into swimsuits this year even if I'm not looking forward to wearing one in public just yet.

So there I am - 11 months after giving birth and just about at pre-pregnancy weight (depending on the day), but not the same shape. It's a work in progress and hopefully next month I will SEE some progress.


  1. you look amazing, girl! You're too hard on yourself. You and Mama Foosa inspire me, too! xoxo

  2. That's some awesome running! Way to go for setting those goals and working to achieve them. I think you look great now so you'll be bangin' for sure by this summer! I won't tell you how jealous I am.

  3. Thanks ladies! It's just been a little hard on me because two summers ago I finally got into the best shape of my adult life and then got pregnant. Andrew is totally worth it and I would not trade him for anything in this world. It's just been a struggle to get back to feeling like me. I'm using this to motivate me and to try to hold myself accountable for my eating habits. Thank you all for the kind words :)

  4. I am the same way with my belly and legs!! I still have a looong way to go and I HATE how my stomach looks! If i could get to the gym 4-5 days a week it would be perfect but having a 3 month old makes that very difficult! props to you for your running plan and best of luck with that! You do look pretty damn good tho!