Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Labor Buddy Meet-up

Two weeks ago I found out that my former labor buddy from our days on the April 2011 moms board on The Bump would be in SC vacationing with her family.  I jumped at the chance to meet up with mrs.monica from Running Through Parenthood... In Heels and couldn't wait to meet her in person and get to see her insanely adorable little girl with my own two eyes.

She was vacationing up in Myrtle Beach so we decided to meet halfway and get together in Georgetown.  I worked from home that morning and swung by the daycare to pick up Andrew at noon so we could head north for our get together.   Just as I was getting on the highway I realized I had forgotten to throw my camera in the car.  Great.  No time to turn back since I was already running a little behind. I guess my iPhone camera would have to do. About 30 minutes into the drive I realized I did not have a stroller in the car (I'd taken it out on Sunday for a walk and forgot to put it back in). Awesome.  Oh well, at least I remembered the baby, right?

Somehow I actually made it to Georgetown first (thank you lead foot!) and found a place for us to meet up. There is this cute little historic waterfront area in Georgetown that I figured would be perfect.  It's so cute you almost don't notice the smell from the paper mill in town. Almost.

While we waited I took some pictures of the munchkin in his cute outfit out on the little boardwalk area:

I made sure he looked extra handsome for Bryn

Soon I got the call that they were here and I grabbed the munchkin and eagerly went to go find them.  I quickly spotted her, her lovely mother, and the cutest little blond haired blue-eyed baby girl ever.  We walked along the boardwalk looking for a kid friendly place to grab a bite to eat and settled on a little deli.  After ordering and getting our food and drinks we settled on the deck for a nice lunch.

The little ones sat next to each other in their high chairs giving each other the once over. It was so cute.  Bryn was sitting there so sweetly while her mom spread out her little placemat and got some food ready for her.  I clearly did not have my brain with me that day because I had also forgotten to bring our little table topper things so all I could do was wipe down the table and hope for the best.  (Yeah, I was a total slack mom that day...). Andrew did not wait so sweetly and just wanted to grab stuff. And drop it on the ground.  After a little lunch and chatting and keeping the kiddos occupied we busied them with pickles.  I'm not sure if Bryn had never had one before, but she seemed to love it.  And she was a total sweetie and shared hers with Andrew:

Seriously - how cute is this?

We sat around chatting - talking about babies, family, running, breastfeeding, and whatever else came to mind until the the little ones started to melt down  Or at least until mine did:

Then we got a few pictures (thank you SO much mrs.monica for sending them to me!!) and it was time to head home.

I'm happy to say that she is an even more lovely person in real life than she is online (where she is also very fabulous - seriously, go read her blog), that she has an equally lovely mom, and that her little girl is as sweet as can be.  I am so glad that we got to meet up, especially since she is one of my mommy idols for being so together and raising such great kids while also maintaining a great sense of self.  Hopefully when she is back down this way in August we can meet up again. I would love to see the kiddos together then when they'll be running all over the place  :)

Photo courtesy of mrs.monica (since I suck and forgot my camera)


  1. very cute! looks like a great day. Andrew looks super cute in his hat!

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