Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why didn't I think of this before??

Yesterday afternoon when I got home Andrew was a very happy baby.  Much different than Monday.  He smiled and talked and nursed and was very content.

Until dinnertime.

He always seems to get fussy when it's time for us to eat.  I've been just holding him on my lap while I eat - I've gotten VERY adept at eating with one hand.

Last night I had a brainstorm.  How about putting him in his highchair and sitting him by us?

Turns out he loves it. I think he just wants to be up where he can see us and wants to be part of the group.  Hopefully he continues to love it so we can actually sit down and eat dinner instead of me shoveling food into my mouth as fast as possible so I can tend to him.

I guess this parenting thing is always going to be a learning process, huh?

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