Thursday, September 8, 2011

You saw WHAT??

This week J has taken the week off because he has some vacation time that he has to use or lose.  I had been planning on taking Tuesday off to have an extra long weekend, but if I did I would lose out on the OT that I worked over the weekend. There was no way I was passing on an extra $400, especially with the bills we still have to pay for Andrew. This little munchkin isn't cheap!

Anyway, J was home doing some work in the yard (Andrew is at daycare since 1.) it's already paid for and 2.) so J can get some stuff done without worrying about making sure Andrew is taken care of).  Late Tuesday morning we had this conversation over instant messenger:

J:  I just saw two snakes out in the backyard

Me: Where??

J:  A little garter snake went under where the A/C is.

Me:  Ugh

J: The other one scared the hell out of me.  Big one went under the dog pen.

Me:  How big??

J: About as big around as a quarter and as long as my arm.  Not sure what kind. Maybe a copperhead.

Me:   WHAT??

Umm - yeah. I'm never going in the back yard again.  At least not until there is physical proof that it is gone.

I hate snakes.  Terrified of them.  There is just something so creepy and unnatural about something that can move that quickly with no legs.

My other big fear is spiders. They just have too many legs.  Little ones that I can squish are tolerable, but if it's one that is too big (will make an audible crunching noise) I can't deal with it and it scares the bejeezus out of me.

We want to plant some fall produce in our garden, but until I know that snake is gone there is no way in hell I am hanging out back there. I don't care if it is more scared of me than I am of it.

Ugh - I hate snakes...


  1. your post just gave me the heebadie jeebadies

  2. I'm now sitting on my feet at work just incase of a legless reptile attack at the office.

    I hate them both as well.