Wednesday, March 16, 2011

36 week check-in

Last night instead of going to the gym I decided to take advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather (I love Spring!) and went to walk the Ravenel Bridge.  I don't think I've been on it (besides on a bike) since last year's Cooper River Bridge Run.  Since I won't get to do the race this year (which I'm bummed about) I want to at least get in some time on it.

I found it very entertaining that while I was walking up the hill and facing traffic that I was getting a LOT of looks from people sitting in their cars in traffic.  I guess people still aren't used to seeing a pregnant woman out getting some exercise.  I walked for just over an hour and did a little more than 4 miles.  I was so tempted to step it up and run down the hill, but with the way the lady parts are aching from just walking I figured I better play it safe.

While I was walking I paused to take some pictures on the bridge.  I love this one:

And on to my check in:

How far along? 36w3d.  According to my iPhone app he should be around 18.75 inches and 5.75 lbs.  I'm guessing he's closer to 6 lbs if the guess at my last u/s was right.

Weight gain/loss: +28 lbs and less than 4 weeks to go.

Maternity Clothes: Still 50/50.  Shirts are starting to get shorter, though.  This belly definitely grew in the last week!

Symptoms:  The usual stubborn colon and back pain.  Also having more pressure at the bottom of my belly and some fantastic aching in the vag area.  Spectacular.

Labor Signs:  None yet - at least not that I know of.

Gender:  It's a boy!!!

Sleep? Sleep is iffy.  Sunday night and Monday night I woke up at 4:00 AM and couldn't fall back to sleep. Last night I slept wonderfully and feel so much better today.

Best moment this week? Our baby shower this past weekend and celebrating Baby W.  It made me beyond happy to see how excited everyone is about his impending arrival.

Movement: All the time.  He's getting very strong in there.

Food cravings/aversions: Embarrassed to admit I ate an entire bag of peanut butter M&M's in 2 days this week  :(

Belly button in or out? Amazingly it's still hanging on. Please stay in!

Stretch marks?  Still none (yay!)

What I miss? Being comfortable.  My wardrobe.

What I am looking forward to? We're getting the carpet installed in the nursery today so we will be putting the nursery together this weekend. Can't wait!!!

Milestones: 25 days!!

What I'm nervous about: How close it's getting - and not feeling ready.  Oh boy!

Here is a picture from Monday:

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  1. you look always...and still very tiny! :) Enjoy that with the first pregnancy...with the second you just pop! I'll email soon!