Friday, March 11, 2011

These things will probably never be the same again

The jeans I'm wearing today that is.  They are non-maternity and I discovered that I can actually zip and button them without the use of a hairband or bella band today.  Of course I am sure that I am stretching the hell out of the waistband of them and when I try to wear them after junior is here they are going to be a mess.  But it IS a nice little boost to my self esteem to be able to button them. It's the little things...

On a completely unrelated note - take a look at the assortment of food on one of our kitchen counters right now:

This is the crap that my in-laws bring with them when they come to visit.  Giant bags of popcorn, chocolate covered cherries, Pringles, white bread, giant muffins, and full sugar soda (not pictured).  The one healthy item in this picture, the bananas, are mine.  And my mother-in-law wonders why she can't lose the extra 40 lbs she's carrying and was just diagnosed diabetic.  Eat a piece of fruit for crying out loud!

I guess this explains where J gets his crap eating habits from.  I do succeed in getting him to eat fruits and vegetables, though, and we don't eat fried stuff very often.  Not the case in his parents house.  I'll just have to make sure this kiddo takes after me with the healthy eating.  He's gotten enough produce throughout this pregnancy that hopefully he is born loving it. Fingers crossed.


  1. hope your MIL doesn't read your blog :) :) Pringles look good though! Happy Friday!

  2. Okay, I'm completely jealous you're in non-mat jeans! haha!

  3. Thankfully she doesn't know about this blog. And isn't overly internet savvy to be able to find it :)

  4. I'm jealous of your non-mat jeans! I got asked today if I was having twins (by a man).

    I loathe fried foods. I always feel like complete poop after I eat it.