Thursday, March 10, 2011

One more month!!!

Wow.  I'm not sure what else to say. 

I know this last month is going to be a crazy flurry of activity so it's going to fly by.  I'm trying to enjoy this time as much as I can, but with the level of discomfort escalating it's getting a little tougher.  Last night I was standing in the middle of the living room with what must have been a distraught look on my face.  When J asked what was wrong I just said "It shouldn't be this difficult to maneuver around and do stuff.".  His response?  "Of course it should - you're carrying a human inside of you."  So that made me feel a tiny bit better - knowing that he gets it.

What also made me feel better last night was finally getting some validation at the gym.  I ran into the one trainer who is certified in pre and post-natal training (not sure what that certification entails, but whatever).  She asked when I am due and said that I am doing a great job with staying active and that she loves to see expectant moms exercising and that it's good for me and the baby.  It was nice to hear that since all of my friends and my mom and sisters are always saying "You need to relax and stop going to the gym" or "You shouldn't be doing that".  Hearing some positive reinforcement from a woman who has 5 kids of her own (and she was tiny!) that I am doing the right thing put a little spring in my step for my workout.  No running last night - just the stairclimber - but it still felt great.

And finally - I'd like to give a little shout out to my labor buddy, Mrs. Monica, for designing a badge for us for thebump message boards. 

She did a great job, don't you think?


  1. yaaa a shout out:) only a month! wow! I ran yesterday for 20 minutes, then I walked for 15. it was all I could muster.

  2. Yeah - the whole 'one month' thing is mind boggling to me today.

    Good job with the run! I could only bring myself to do the stairclimber - was still feeling a little pressure down there from Tuesday's run. Hopefully today I can do a little.