Monday, March 21, 2011


As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was full of nesting.  Or at least assembling and arranging.

On Friday J took the day off and rearranged furniture.  My bedroom set that was too big for the guestroom is now in our master bedroom and his furniture is down in the guestroom.  He also moved the dresser into the nursery.

When I got home I had the fun of going through all of the crap that I had in the dresser and nightstand that got moved into our room.  Lets just say I threw away a LOT.

Saturday after I went to the gym and he did his 60 mile bike ride we decided to start on the closet organizer for the baby's room.  J had bought this stuff years ago and we planned on putting them in our walk in closets upstairs, but decided they didn't give us enough space.  I'm happy that we are finally putting them to use (one in baby's room and one in the guestroom).

There are two hanging bars on the right and one on the left.  We also have doors that would cover the shoe organizer on top, but the way the closet is set up they wouldn't open so we left them off.

J had also assembled the stroller on Thursday night and it is currently just sitting in the nursery until we move it:

The car seat protector that we bought should be here this week and then we will install the car seat in my car.  Hopefully the little guy stays put until that happens!

Here is the dresser that we refinished for the room.  The diaper cake, teddy bear, and lamp will not be on top of it for long - we have the changing pad to go up there and are just waiting on the changing pad cover to arrive.  Oh, and the pink lamp won't be in the room at all - unless I paint it.

I also assembled the little swing/seat that his parents gave us at the shower.  This one is way less bulky than the one my sister handed down:

While we were on a roll we decided to put the Pack n Play together to see how hard it would be to do. Initially we were going to have him sleeping in this upstairs with us for the first few months, but a friend gave us a beautiful bassinett that we will be using instead.  We'll use the Pack n Play when we travel anywhere, though.

It wasn't overly difficult to put together, but I will say that the directions were crap.
We also put together the portable highchair just for shits and giggles. Obviously he won't be using it for a little while, but we were on a roll.

The chair still needs to be stained since it's still raw wood, but we haven't gotten around to it yet.

I put together the exersaucer that my sister handed down to us, too.  Currently it's just sitting in the nursery.  Man, these babies come with a lot of stuff!

At least now everything is out of the office upstairs and we have it almost ready for our little man.  We still need some stuff to hang on the walls since it looks pretty bare.  I'm on the lookout for something to hang.  And we need to finish the bookcase so we can get it in there and put some stuff on it instead of having it all piled in the closet and on the dresser.  Here's hoping the kidlet stays put for a couple more weeks so we can actually get some of this stuff done!


  1. adorable...and lots of progress! It must have felt good! :) You're full-term! whoot whoot!

  2. It's getting there. I can't wait til the rest of the stuff I ordered last week gets here so we can make it more complete. So strange to think that pretty soon there will be a baby to put in there. Eeek!