Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally some progress on the nursery

Last night we started moving stuff around because J took today off of work and is having a friend come over to help move furniture (we're putting my bedroom set upstairs since it's too big for the guest room and there is no way I can help move that dresser).  I said if they move the crib stuff out I can help put it together when I get home (the crib and mattress were still in boxes and stuffed in the bathroom in the old master bedroom - now man room).

Instead we decided to get it out right then and there and put it together. I think me telling him about my doctor's appt with the dilation and effacement lit a bit of a fire under him.

Less than an hour later - and with minimal swearing - we had it all assembled.  I was itching to put the bedding in it to see how it looks.  I love it!

I had been having slight second thoughts about the Baby Snoopy stuff, but it is so freaking cute.  And I think it goes really well with the walls (we've been a little nervous about how bright they are).

After doing all that we moved a bunch of stuff into the closet of the guestroom to get it out of the way for them moving furniture today. Then J went about putting all the switchplate and outlet covers in the nursery and guestroom. I was going to do them while working from home yesterday, but he didn't want me to get shocked (he's getting very protective).

After all that I was beat and headed to bed since it was already 11:00.  He stayed up watching basketball and apparently got busy doing other stuff, because when I went downstairs this morning and looked in the nursery I saw this:

He put the glider together for me, too  :)  I was very happy to see that in there - it makes it seem even more like a nursery.

The bookcases still need to be stained, but J is going to have to finish them (I did the shelves last weekend) since there is so much pollen outside already. He wants to do them in the garage and with the poor ventilation he doesn't want me doing it.  Only one of the bookcases will be in the room - the other one is for the office upstairs.

Now I'm hoping the dresser will be in there when I get home so I can put his little clothes away.  Maybe we can put the closet organizer together tonight, too.  Seeing it all come together is making me so happy and excited.  And to think that in 3 weeks or so we'll have an actual baby to put in there!

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  1. The snoopy set is adorable! and everything is coming together perfectly! :)