Thursday, March 17, 2011

He's staying put for now

I had a doctor's appt this morning which included the GBS test.  There are seriously some drama queens on the bump, because all the doctor did was run a swab "down there".  There was no inserting anything and it was really nothing.  I guess the people who made a huge deal about that test were probably the same ones who wanted to cry about the glucose test and having to drink a sugary drink.  Neither of these tests were a big deal.

Anyway, after the GBS I also had my first internal exam.  Big fun.  She had a little trouble finding the tip of my cervix since it appears to be tucked in.  After some digging (ouch!) she determined that I am a fingertip dilated, 50% effaced, and he is at -2 station.  So he will not be making an appearance anytime soon.

That's fine with me. We just got the carpet installed in the nursery yesterday and will be spending the weekend getting it all put together.  So if the little man wants to hang out in my ute for a few more weeks it is just fine with me.

My doctor did talk to me about inducement today, too.  She said they generally don't want to do a first timer before 39 weeks and they don't want me to go past 41 weeks.  She said that male babies have what they call 'wimpy white boy syndrome' in that white male babies' lungs seem to mature the slowest out of all babies. So they want him to stay in until my due date if possible so his lungs will be ready.  I'd never heard that, but whatever. I don't have an M.D. behind my name so I'll take her word for it.

All in all it was a fine appointment and we scheduled my next two before I left.  So I guess next Wednesday we will see if I have progressed at all.  I'm still in denial about how close we are to this little guy being here.  It's crazy how fast it's all gone!!

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  1. definitely heard about the males being a bit slower to develop and that the female premature babies are much stronger. Weird! Looking forward to hearing if you progressed at your next appt!