Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He's on the move!

This morning I woke up with some lower back pain. Kind of a dull ache that I attribute to me walking 4 miles on the bridge yesterday.  Once I got  up and was moving around it pretty much went away so I wasn't worried about it.

I had my weekly OB appointment at 9:00 this morning.  After the usual weight, BP, and pee in a cup stuff I saw my doctor.  Time for another internal - woo hoo!

She said he is definitely moving down (although I haven't "dropped" yet) and I am now 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Yikes!

We discussed induction and she said once I hit 39 weeks (if I do) we can set a date just so it's out there.  Before I was thinking that I would definitely hit my due date, but since I've actually progressed a bit in the past week now I'm thinking maybe I won't.  My next appt is next Friday and I am praying that he will not be born that day (April Fools Day - which happens to be my brother-in-law's birthday).

I instant messaged J as soon as I got home and filled him in. I can almost sense his anxiety through his messages.  He is definitely excited and we are both kind of in the 'oh wow - this is really happening' state of mind right now.

Oh, and last night we were messing with the little guy. If I pressed lightly on the side of my belly we could watch him kick out against it.  J put his hand on there and was startled by the fact that he could feel his foot.  I admit, it IS very odd to feel body parts.  I know it's uncomfortable sometimes, but I am going to miss feeling him in there.  That's something special that's just between us.  But I can't wait to meet him and get to hold him in my arms, and to see him in J's arms. He's going to be such a good dad  :)

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