Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full term

Yup - that's right. This kid is now considered full term.  Wow.

It continues to amaze me how fast the past few weeks have gone.  And that we are down to three weeks.  All I can say is Oh My God!!!

In honor of being considered full term the little guy decided to bless me with a day full of BH contractions.  Lovely.  As I was curled in a ball in the chaise in the living room I said "This better not be real contractions - I'm not ready yet!".  J looked at me and said "Me neither!".  I'm thinking we better get ready.

On the plus side, it was a weekend chock full of nesting.  Lots of assembling stuff and getting the room ready.  It almost looks like a complete nursery now (but I have no energy to upload the pictures so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to post them).

Oh, and I bought a lot of the necessities we had left on the registries last week and I have been getting emails about the items shipping. Hopefully that means that this week will be filled with packages arriving.  It'll be like Christmas around here.

Now it's time to crawl back on my heating pad and try to soothe my aching back while watching more of the teams in my bracket lose.  Something tells me I won't be winning the pool this year. Damn.

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