Monday, March 7, 2011

The joys of painting

This weekend we were determined to knock out the painting of the guest room.  Of course on Friday when I told my sister this I got the "You're not supposed to be doing that. Let J do it" lecture from my sister.  Well, unless the Benjamin Moore fairy is going to show up and do it for us then I'm going to have to help out.

As a disclaimer - the windows are open and the fan is on while we are painting. And the stuff doesn't even smell.

Anyway, on Friday night he got to work caulking the crack between the crown molding and the ceiling.  Saturday morning while he was doing his 58  mile bike ride I re-primed over the caulking so the paint would go on evenly.  This was just after the dude came to measure for the carpet.

Once he was done being Lance Armstrong for the day (except for the whole one nut thing) he got changed and got to work on rolling the ceiling.  I supervised.  And pointed out any spots that needed to be gone back over.  When he finished rolling I went around the edge with the paint brush.  Edging sucks, by the way.

Here is what it looked like with the ceiling painted:

Sunday morning we got up and decided to get to work on the walls.  With both of us rolling we were able to get a coat on in about 45 mins.  Unfortunately during this time I think I was experiencing some BH contractions so I wasn't the happiest painter in the world.

Here is one coat - not trimmed out:

We thought it looked like melted chocolate ice cream when we poured the paint out.

Then we went to work with the edging. Did I mention that edging completely sucks??

After about 3 hours we went back to do the second coat.  I was still miserable, but decided to be a trooper and help out. I am determined to get this room done so the carpet can be installed.

It looks like it's going to need a third coat of paint, but he plans on having his parents do it when they get here for the shower this weekend.  His mom will paint the crown and the rest of the trim, too. Thank god - because that part sucks even worse!

I was worried about the darkness of the color (this is paint we got that was the wrong color for a previous room so we decided to use it).  But, the room gets lots of light, it looks really sharp against the white trim, the carpet is going to be lighter, and we'll get a light colored comforter for that bed to add some brightness.

All in all it was a productive weekend and we are that much closer to having it done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get the carpet installed on Friday.  If we do I will be setting the crib up in the nursery either Friday night or Saturday morning. My patience is about gone!

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  1. I love the chocolate color brown! It does look really nice with the white trim/crown molding. Kudos!