Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Does he do that all day?"

This is what J said to me last night as we were going to sleep. I was laying on my side and he had his arm resting against the side of my belly.  The little guy apparently did not appreciate the intrusion on his space and promptly started pushing at his arm.  I said "Yep - unless he's sleeping.".  

Less than a minute later there was one big push by something hard - possibly a knee.  J was startled and asked if it hurt.  I said it's uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful.  I think he's starting to appreciate a little bit more just what I am going through.  He has definitely gotten much more compassionate lately and has been very sweet. I think he feels bad when he sees me sitting there looking uncomfortable.

Tonight we'll have our maternity tour at 6:30 so at least we'll know what the heck to do when it's go time. Afterward we are going to order the carpet for the guest room and nursery.  I'm hoping maybe we can get the ceiling and walls painted in the guest room this weekend and get the carpet in next week.  We kind of need to get that room set back up since his parents will be here for the baby shower next weekend and there is no where for them to sleep.  Plus once the carpet is in I will be all about getting that crib set up!

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